Trisha Paytas pays $10k for liposuction, keeps making fast food eating show videos...
She got the lipo saying it was to 'motivate her' to lose weight, doesn't even give the results 2 full months to actually show, and then releases an EP called "Chicken Fingers and Lipo"...

And now she's making mukbang eating show videos like she always used to with tons of fast food and other shit that is so bad for you.

Look how SAD she looks in that video. She's SO SAD.

This is just fucked up...

And it's fucked up because these videos get SO MANY VIEWS and she knows it pisses people off that she spent all that money for nothing and now she's back to eating total junk. That means more views, more $$$. She's caught in a VICIOUS cycle.

She makes videos crying about how friends are leaving her life and she doesn't understand "what's wrong with her" blah blah blah. It's like she doesn't get that people are FREE to do whatever the fuck they want, and just because they "leave your life" doesn't mean you'll NEVER hear from them again and it doesn't even necessarily have anything to do with YOU. And even aside from that, WHO GIVES A SHIT? If someone wants to leave your life... WHO CARES?

It's so weird, it's like...

Trisha is narcissistic and needy, but then she gets all tormented over people leaving her life and blames herself because of decisions OTHER PEOPLE made. She even puts THEIR DECISIONS onto herself. It's ALL ABOUT HER, even when it's OTHER PEOPLE'S decisions.

And because she's "internet famous", she's got a bunch of people watching her who are totally disconnected from the reality of who Trisha is as a person (because they don't freaking know her), so they feel comfortable saying a bunch of messed up shit, which she then reads and focuses on and then feels super bad. 

Then there are the mindless followers who defend her and in their eyes she can do no wrong. So she also gets the 'encouragement' that's actually like... drinking bleach packaged as cream soda.

Then there's the isolation that comes along with being 'famous' (because the internet famous ARE the 'new celebrities', get used to it), so people try to use her left and right just to get on her channel or be in a picture with her, etc. So she deals with the isolation that always comes along with fame.

On top of all that, she's lacking the understanding of certain principles. She doesn't know HOW to CHANGE her life. She doesn't know how to change her PATTERNS and BEHAVIORS. She doesn't get the PRINCIPLES.


Is that it's not just Trisha. It's a problem with social media platforms AS A WHOLE. People will watch somebody hang around being a sadsack, eating a shitload of junk food, they'll watch them cry about their lives and how sad they are, they'll watch them gain 100lbs, they'll watch them get one plastic surgery procedure after another in a futile attempt to find some kind of self-acceptance...

And no one will actually be able to help that person on the other side of the screen. They'll just watch, while whatever happens happens.

They'll laugh, they'll encourage, they'll make fun, they'll empathize, they'll offer advice that's probably never seen, they'll voice their concerns, they'll throw around insults...

But nothing breaks the cycle. 

And these 'internet famous' people have a lot of influence... so Trisha is not only trashing her own life (and body), she's potentially setting a bad example for hoards of people out there.

There's too much disconnection in society today. People are starving for contact while spending ALL their time on smartphones etc. trying to share something with strangers on social media. 

It's like this generation today is thirsting to death when cool, clean springs of water are bubbling all around them.


This is real life...

These YouTube famous people like Trisha are sharing their real lives...

It's not a TV show that's just 100% fake. It's REAL.

And people are watching...

They're watching the trainwreck with just as much disassociation from reality as they watched TV with.

It's dangerous... I'm tellin' ya. It's dangerous.
And what about the energetic implications here...

I bet the elite absolutely LOVE this new development.

I bet they absolutely love manipulating society and its 'outlets' into a breeding grounds of self-loathing and insecurity so they can feed off the pain that's then broadcast worldwide.

So many delicious sources of energy to feed off of, people from all walks of life, of every age/race/shape and size, from all over the world...

All here suffering for their entertainment.
Those sounds coming out of her mouth while eating is captivating. I can see the appeal to watch the train wreck, especially when it comes to licking her fingers so often.
I honestly think Trisha is beautiful. She's struggled with her weight a lot, it's a source of torment for her.

She'll never be "small", and she shouldn't... it's not her body type. She is the curvy and comforting type.

I think the best thing she could do is become an amazing cook. Not only will that be attractive to a potential mate, but I think it's in her nature and she doesn't realize it.

If she made cooking a hobby and then perhaps went professional with it (a cooking show or something), she would learn to eat better, and it would somewhat excuse her weight. Not that it needs an excuse... I am not the weight shaming type.

I'm just saying... it could really help her, and it could open some doors.
Eating is clearly one of her passions... she should explore the art of cooking and play it up to the hilt. It would change her life.
I think she is very pretty too, it is sad seeing her behave this way and destroy her blood pressure and cholesterol. Athletic type people can get away with this because some how working out makes it so that the cholesterol and BP stay normal and we can eat what we want.
Oh Trisha...
Real motherfucking talk, hard truth shit right here...
I think she needs to stop making her face look like a monkey first, so she can be herself. She doesn't even know who she is and doesn't even love herself.

Trisha Paytas forever.
Dude I would have rubbed that bloody looking shit all over my face and chest, you CANNOT waste an opportunity like that.

ROFL she actually cracked me the fuck up at the beginning of this video, total Bette Davis/Baby Jane vibes...
Wow. She really is not mentally healthy at all. I feel so sorry for her. It looks like she had her lips injected too, and it looks like a frog or something.

I think plastic surgery should require counseling first before you can get it for purely cosmetic reasons. I can just imagine what this girl is going to look like in ten years. She's on her way to being a Tammy Faye Bakker type and, and that's so sad.

I wish I could personally reach out to people and help them.... totally unrealistic, but my heart breaks for so many people.
The I so wish this thread was video cometary from all. what a trippy effen show that would be!
When I want to burn fat it's easy I just follow the recession diet and exercise !
Yeah, I've never been overweight in my life because I've always worked hard and I don't stuff my face with garbage. It's not rocket science.
Sometimes I don't understand why or how other poor people even are able to get big I can't afford a bunch of stuff so I buy stuff for the kid breakfast/lunch and meat and greens for dinners maybe some macaroni and cheese. So we get just enough. I try to only buy organic which means less food for the dollar though
well this is a great way to start the morning

this chick is scary, ya'll
I think it's so nasty how she sucks her fingers after she eats. But it is even nastier, she dug something out from under her nail and ate it. @ 7:43 is when she starts sucking bacteria off her fingers and just a couple seconds she eats fumunda.

don't think i could marry a fat pig , no excuse for this slovenly bullshit , i would love to put her in a special camp where she is forced to trim down and wise up

little out of control cunt

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