Who here is depressed?
So You go to the doctor and tell him " Hey , my life is shitty"..........................

He gives you an "antidepressant" so now you can see even clearer  how shitty your life is.
Doctors are kinda useless.

You need a paradigm shift, Number...

Do you travel or anything?

You gotta change things up, get out there and have fun.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
meh. the pic don't work :S
My upbringing was very messed up and I hit rock bottom at age 15 , I went to doctors for about 6 years getting every known anti-D under the sun even had 13 shock 'therapies' ,hospital stays etc. ... then one day a common sense psychiatrist told me how therapeutic physical work can be ... its been about 13 years of hard labour(outdoor work) ,lol , but I am fairly happy and have not taken any of those crazy pills since - they are a bitch to get off in those first 6 months ! I think anxiety and depression is epidemic right now and it shows up in the disability numbers that government keeps track of .
oh ye, i could have been depressed for 20 years, 4 years ago i figured it was time to do something about it so i signed up at university to study psychology, now i've a bachelor degree, several personality disorders and schizophrenia, so depression doesn't bother me much anymore, glad i got that taken care of but next year i might become a licensed clinical psychologist, maybe thats even worse than being depressed... but at least i have my schizophrenia and personality disorders now, they're way more fun than that boring ass depression

well anyway, depression's just a word, if you want to get rid of it just use some different words to describe your state of mind, words effect the brain like pills do but unlike pills you can take control of the words, so why be "depressed" when you can be "perpetual" or "vehement" or "strawberry milkshake"

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