If you want to be beautiful, you have to realize it comes from the inside...
Even the most beautiful people become ugly when you get to know them and find they have a bad personality. 

Beauty comes from the inside... kindness, thoughtfulness, a good personality. 

It's true for men and women.

Outer beauty fades, inner beauty is forever.

Smile... be nice. Nothing replaces these good qualities. 

If you don't feel it, fake it til you make it. It becomes habit... automatic.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
"The aim of life is self-development... to realize one's nature perfectly."

What an amazeballs spiel... I feel like he's talking to me.

I can't believe he killed that butterfly though, that's gay.

It's weird how they would have him do that after he said something so true and profound... I can't help but consider the vast array of symbolic meanings behind that.

These guys are making me pretty horny.

I love old movies like this.

WTF!? I can't believe he killed that hot old dude!!!

Wow man that was some deep shit.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
Well I just read the whole Wiki page... one hell of a story. Of course I've heard of it but never saw it.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
i'm rotting inside, everything that comes outside smells horrible
(05-18-2017, 04:16 AM)elaine Wrote: i'm rotting inside, everything that comes outside smells horrible

Problems with digestion? I've completely eliminated all body odors by eating right for my blood type. I didn't stink before but now my underarms don't stink either. But I'm thinking the lack of pussy smell is from dry pussy.
Masonic symbolism isn't necessarily evil symbolism, though... That's what dark occultists wish to achieve: making you think these symbols are somehow evil themselves. If you are scared of symbols, then you won't be able to comprehend their meaning, if you're not able to comprehend their meaning, then that gives the dark occultists a massive power leverage over you. For instance, the hexagram (a.k.a. the star of David) and the tetraskelion (a.k.a. the swastika) are very much intertwined, and in ancient times were often depicted together, as if the tetraskelion ''gives birth'', as it were, to the hexagram... But dark occultists have torn these symbols apart from one another, because they want close-minded people who are easily controlled. Another good example is the pentagram, the pentagram symbolizes the golden ratio. The golden ratio symbolizes Life itself. But dark occultists want you to believe it's the sign of the ''devil'' and they want you to be afraid of it. Another thing, now that I think of it, the cross symbolizes a golden ratio vortex spiral, and wether one believes in the Christ or not, it is known that the Romans executed Hermetic teachers who taught these things to people by means of crucifixion, as an extra humiliation and message that they shouldn't teach these things to people, *or else*... I've started calling myself PhiPhi, because that relates to a golden ratio vesica pisces. I know that some orders forbid their members telling people about these things, because they truly believe it will fuck up their ''alchemical'' process. So in other words, they ''hide in plain sight'' not for dark, evil and subverting reasons, but because they honestly believe that's better (and perhaps offers them protection as well). But I don't believe in that kind of BS, I believe the truth speaks for itself, and knowledge should never be suppressed. But then again, religion's never been my thing...
Anyways, all I'm saying is please don't fall for these mind-control traps like thinking that symbols and numbers can be evil like 666 or 23 or what have you, because that's just nonsense, numbers can't be evil, they're just numbers.
(05-18-2017, 05:57 PM)PhiPhiGuru Wrote: Anyways, all I'm saying is please don't fall for these mind-control traps like thinking that symbols and numbers can be evil like 666 or 23 or what have you, because that's just nonsense, numbers can't be evil, they're just numbers.

I'm not that stupid...

But yeah with the illuminati symbolism in modern works, it's a bunch of circle jerking with no MORAL POINT. The videos above show symbolism of MORAL PURPOSE.

The butterfly is used by the elites to symbolize that youth which they feed off. In this movie, it was used to make a moral point in conjunction with what Lord Henry was saying and the overall story.

Look at a Rihanna music video... is that illuminati symbolism used to demonstrate a moral principle? LOL, no. Not in any capacity.

That's my point in a nutshell, and I know you must understand that.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
the wings of the butterfly are the pelvic bone of a human. the body of the butterfly is the inserted penis.
No, I totally agree with that, and even more. I could write pages and pages about how good symbolism has been hijacked and perverted, and how history has been hijacked and perverted, and how people are kept ignorant, intentionally, institutionally...
99% Of the people don't even know what the golden ratio is, they've never even heard of it... That's why the Mona Lisa's got that stupid smirk on her face because SHE KNOWS, (and we, the people, don't. And SHE KNOWS we don't know).
I'll make a thread about this stuff some day and let you know exactly what my thoughts on this are.
(05-18-2017, 07:22 PM)genba Wrote: the wings of the butterfly are the pelvic bone of a human. the body of the butterfly is the inserted penis.



(05-18-2017, 07:24 PM)PhiPhiGuru Wrote: I'll make a thread about this stuff some day and let you know exactly what my thoughts on this are.

Looking forward to that...

I enjoy discussing symbolism. And pointing it out.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
I'm watching the whole movie right now...

I can't get over how fucking hot Lord Henry (George Sanders) is.

4:30 into the movie and there's a checkerboard floor. Illuminati confirmed...


God Lord Henry is so fucking sexy. He's sooooooo unbelievably sexy.

It's weird how they're tripping all over Dorian Gray. He's not even that hot.

The butterfly scene is so fascinating to me...

They superimpose the twitching, dying butterfly over Dorian's face as he's realizing that he needs to be all evil and shit. That's almost like a mirco expression of the entire story in that one scene. Pretty damn epic... I wonder if the rest of the movie will be that good.

LMFAO ARE THEY SERIOUSLY BRINGING BASTET INTO THIS!?!?!? Are they gonna try to say Bast granted his wish!?!?!?!

Man this is a badass story... it's got a great musical score too.

I guess I can see some correlation between Bastet and the wish for eternal youth or whatever... it halfway adds up and the other half is like WTF.

Now there's some stupid musical shit with Angela Lansbury... I couldn't give a fuck about this at all and I see no symbolism in it at all. Like it means... fucking nothing. At all. Like nothing. Seriously.

Ah I think I see where this stupid singing scene is going. I guess they're showing Dorian's vampirelike attraction or some shit. Whatever. Where is Lord Henry. So basically that whole stupid song was about how this bitch is a yellow bird or something and she's flying away from her uncomplicated and free life for Dorian. It would seem as though she's reluctant... as the lyrics suggest.

I'm just not hella impressed with Dorian.

"There is no evil in him"... ROFL. Whatever, Dorian seems creepy as fuck.

I thought she was gonna kiss her brother there for a second.

Oh thank God, there's Lord Henry again. He's such a fucking maverick. He's literally my dream guy. Literally.

Everybody seems so chapped by everything he says, ROFL! Truth hurts, I guess.

OMG can this chick literally only sing this one fucking song about a damn bird. Like WTF.

Lord Henry is fucking brilliant, I don't care what anybody says.

LMFAOLOL, Dorian playing this chick some crap on the piano in front of the painting of HIMSELF. ROFL that's the most narcissistic shit ever.

Angela Lansbury is very cute though. I don't see her being a tool to Dorian though.

WTF, Bastet is lying on a Chinese rug? What the fuck are these people smoking? And once again Dorian is being creepy as fuck... if I was this chick I'd run out of there. I mean he's SOOOOOO creepy. SOOOOO creepy. SO CREEPY. OMG SO CREEPY. SO CREEPY. WHAT THE FUCK IS HE ONNNNN.

WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOINGGGGGG. What the fuck, why is this chick just being all calm and shit like there's nothing TOTALLY FUCKING WEIRD about this. What the fuck she's crying. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK?? What's he supposed to have some kinda mind control powers or something?? GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE LADY. OMG.

This is the creepiest shit for real. She better get the fuck out of there. What the fuck. WHY IS SHE JUST STANDING THERE??!?!?1 OMG NO DON'T WALK BACK IN. I fucking swear. I'm fucking mad at this chick.

This is fucking BULLSHIT.

God he's so fucking creepy, LOL.

Now there's a picture of her on his desk, and he's writing a goodbye/hate letter to her saying now he gives up on chicks and now he's just gonna be all evil and shit. AS IF it really was her fault or something... he used her as total scapegoat. What a pussy!

LOL "evil looking houses", yeah that's London.

Man I love the way they work this stuff info the painting, what a story... totally fascinating. It's like an epic episode of the Twilight Zone. "The lines of cruelty about the mouth were unmistakable."

LMFAO I love Lord Henry, he's so great... he's such a fuckin' realist, he just goes on and on and on. ROFL. I love him, we're twinsies.

Hallward is pretty hot too... he looks like Art Garfunkel without the fro though.

Does Dorian ever start killing hookers?? Need to spice this shit up a little bit.

WTF, is that a midget?

So far it hasn't shown Dorian doing... fucking anything.

Alright now I'm about to get pissed off at this movie. Dorian is about to get all weird with the chick who he knew as a little kid who's all grown up now. Is this bitch really not gonna say anything about how Dorian still looks freakishly fucking young? This is dumb as shit. Like super dumb. I'm sorry but it's fucking ridiculous. I get it, it's a fucking story, but still. Like WTF. And what about this fucking Hallward guy? He doesn't have anything to say either???

This is so dumb.

And Dorian is still soooooo creepy. Like SOOOOOO creepy.

DORIAN has to address the WEIRDASS spectacle of his bizarre motherfucking freakishly YOUNG looks after all these years... FACEPALM. It almost makes everyone else seem like the fucking weirdos instead of Dorian, LMFAO!!! The hell.

What, is Lord Henry dead at this point or something?? Where the fuck is he? I bet he's old as shit now. Prolly still hot as fuck though.

Awww, I almost kinda feel sorry for Dorian. I'd feel more sorry for him if he was hot.

LOL so he's trying to get the painter guy to come up and see the picture. I can't believe the dude is following Dorian considering how totally creepy and cryptic he's being. Like WTF. These people are just dumb. And Dorian is being super weird, I mean it's not the painter guy's fault Dorian is an asshole. Don't kill the painter dude bro, he's old as shit but he's still hotter than you are! Fuckin' loser!

In this version of the movie I'm watching, it shows the portrait in color. It looks like some freaked out psychedelic painting... pretty cool.

If I had walked into that room and Dorian showed me that freaked out painting and was playing with that knife like a psycho, I'd have thought he was totally nuts and got the fuck out immediately. Like obviously would have assumed he just defaced the shit out of the painting like a total weirdo. How is this guy just assuming this is some supernatural shit?? I mean I get it, it's a story but still. STILL.

Dorian sucks ass for killing that hot old dude, fuck you Dorian. But whatever... the painting couldn't look much worse anyways. I love the swinging lamp after he kills the guy... epic filmmaking right there. So simple but with such an impact.

So he's gonna just lock that old dude's body in that room?? WTF.

Dorian sucks balls for blaming his evilness on everybody else, what a pussy.

Dorian "Pussy" Gray.


He just asked Gladys to marry him... what a fucking weirdo. What a creep. What a fucking creepy creepster. Meanwhile this hotass dude sitting across from Gladys is like heartbroken and shit, he's way hotter than Dorian "Pussy" Gray.

"One day we shall be awakened with suffering and dismay to the realization that the soul is not a superstition. The spirit of man, a material substance that can be viewed under a microscope."


"What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul?"

Dude, is this guy gonna kill Dorian Gray!?!?!?!?! That would be awesomeee.

Aw, he was gonna but it was somebody else playing the piano.

Man this freaked out bar is a trip, LOL... WTF.

This scene here with Sibyl's brother and the lady at the bar is awesome... my second favorite scene for fuckin' sure.

OMG Dorian just walked in!

LOL... what a badass fuckin' movie.

WTF, is Dorian gonna kill himself?

Thank God for Lord Henry staying so damn hot.

Aw this is sad... the way Dorian looks at the portrait at the end.

Oh wow...

That endinggg thoooouuuugghhhhhh.

Wow at how freaked out Lord Henry looked and his reaction.

Epicest of sauces.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
Dude I'm fucking OBSESSED with Oscar Wilde now.

His LIFE though! That was some fucked up shit!

I went to the bookstore and got The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Complete Fairytales, The Importance of Being Ernest and another book of his plays.

Makin' me wanna write some damn plays...

I always wondered how the heck to format these stories I write... it never occurred to me to put it in play format. Maybe it's because I've read like 5 books in my life...


But nah, I'm obsessed with books... I have a shitload of books and I never read them. I just feel like if I die or something, somebody will find them and maybe they'll read them. ROFL!

When I get obsessed with a book, I buy like 5 copies the cheapest I can find and then write in them and leave the others clean.

Books make me feel good. Just to see books. To smell books.

I'm gonna read these Oscar Wilde books and hopefully it'll help me be less dumb.

I also got David Wilcock's The Synchronicity Key... it was in the bargain bin and I'm like oh fuck yeah, that shit is mine! Muwahahaha. I flipped through it... David is crazy as fuck!!! Looks like a good read... that'll help me with my airy-fairy flipped out new ager esoteric vocabulary.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
Yeah the Valley Girl reviews is a great idea... I also got another epic idea today along the same vein. Now if I could only get a handle on my little (AKA huge) procrastination problem and actually MAKE A FUCKING VIDEO!?!?!?!?!

I'm about to start highlighting the crap out of this copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray. I was reading some of the fairy tales too... it's all super deep shit, Oscar Wilde was amazing. It really sucks that his life went down so bad. It's... kind of a theme with these out of the box, genius, creative types. It seems like things almost never end well. A little concerning!? Not that I have anything to worry about... =P

But really though, I am acquiring these books in my sort of preferred vocabulary range... I find that the more banal dogshit I watch off YouTube, the more my linguistic abilities start to embarrassingly dwindle. Since the written word is such a massive part of my life, it's like a tool I have to keep perfectly sharpened. I've got some work to do. I'm pretty impressionable this way...

Don't be surprised if I start sounding like Oscar Wilde... and David Wilcock.

God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

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