is it true alot white lesbians like asian guys?
I'm really confused. So there's this white lesbian woman who is apparently really into me and she says all the lesbians fantasize about being with an asian guy. I remember when I was living in kentucky, I used to know this really gorgeous blonde girl and she totally broke my heart. Even when I left kentucky the memory of her still kept with me for a very long time, and then when i was in college I reconnected with her through facebook, and what u know! she's a lesbian!

BTW, how can I get a signature on your forum, Trix?
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You know Ling, it's my honest opinion that gay people are that way because of some kind of unresolved trauma in their early lives. Being gay isn't natural, and it's a very psychological issue. Gay people are still attracted to the opposite sex, especially gay women. It can be extremely rare though... sometimes they're pretty picky.

You also have to factor in all the trendies who are "gay" just because it's "cool". Whole lot of posers out there.

Whole lesbian thing is usually among young women. The only women who "snap" and "turn gay" are the emotionally immature who just can't handle letdowns or being used or whatever other kinda crap.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
I agree with Trix. Also, I believe that it is environmental and electronic. Carrier waves are placed over the communication E-M spectrum to "stimulate" the brain. Since sexual energy is so powerful a lot of "magick" and ethereal energies can "possess" people.
That couldn't be further from the truth. While it's true that certain outside influences can affect your sexuality, like for instance, I do agree with you that excessive watching of porn can make you sexually dysfunctional and perhaps make you interested in sick and perverted things you otherwise would never have been interested in, that simply doesn't go for homosexuality. It's been well-observed and documented that all kinds of animals exhibit homosexuality besides us, there are so many studies and testimonies that prove that people are simply born that way, it is completely natural, how much evidence do you need?

But in the case of Lin, you may be right though, looks like he does have some issues XD
ling i have no idea about that theory , but i know i like the idea of a dominant asian lady
i had a pdf of some studies done on inducing homosexual behavior in mice.

you create a choline deficiency in utero. this leads to a cholesterol deficiency. that leads to a testosterone deficiency. this leads to feminized behavior in males. the biochemistry of it is very simple and understandable.

we all start off as female. males then change into males, and this change is more than just reproductive organs. the way the brain is organized and connected is very different between males and females. gender can be determined through autopsy of the brain. when the male doesn't have the nutrients it needs to complete this process, or it is being poisoned with other chemicals [like the ubiquitous estrogen mimickers in bpa/soy] then it will end up between a male and female. aka gay/trans.

childhood sexual abuse greatly compounds this issue, and can be potent enough on its own to repolarize the sexual preference of a person.

i've known quite a few lesbians, and they have shown no interest in asian males.
My uncle is gay. He was never abused as a kid, and he always knew he was gay. He's been in a monogamous relationship for decades and they were one of the first gay couples to ever get married, ever, and they still are. I've slept at their house many times as a young boy and never was I abused. They're regular taxpaying citizens who have been in love with one another since the 70's. They never tried to indoctrinate me for their ''gay agenda''; I'm heterosexual, and I never doubted that for one second. Nor do they go around in leather outfits and harass people on the street.

You can engineer the brain anyway you like, that doesn't say anything about the nature of homosexuality as it appears spontaneously in Nature. I could lobotomize you, implant some fake shit, and you would believe you're a transsexual hippopotamus.

The studies that are out there saying it's just Nature are sound and solid, they really are.

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