Paul Joseph Watson is getting pretty obnoxious...
All he does is constantly brag about how popular he is. On Twitter he is always rubbing faces in it. I think the moves he's making lack class. He should be more humble. Because of Alex Jones, the InfoWars machine IS taking Paul and everyone else riding to the top.

Paul's annoying constant bragging is a tactic he thinks will solidify the "alt" media in the place at the top which was formerly MSM. It's as if he mistakenly believes bragging and proving they suck and he's "dominating" is the way you sear it into people's minds. But unfortunately, he's wrong about that, and the tactic is merely evidence of his own conceit.

Paul didn't get to this point because of this kind of attitude... he only developed this attitude when it became clear the MSM was dead. Which means now he just feels safe being this way, and that is proof of a weird dance between confidence and doubt. All silly personality related crap that is useless to the whole fight.

Paul got so popular because of Alex's already thriving popularity. PJW got popular because he is good looking and has a British accent. He got popular because he just stated and backed up FACTS, adding a dash of his good humor. He didn't get popular by being a bragging, publicly conceited piece of crap...

So if that's the direction he chooses to travel, he will get distracted from the truth. He'll get caught up in stupid ego based nonsense and not keep hammering the truth du jour home in a matter of fact kind of way.


It will become clear to the mega rich remnants of MSM that Paul has this little personality/ego problem (which is really a weakness) and they'll begin a lot of underhanded tactics to start playing on it. Ultimately, they'll use Paul's weakness to try and fuck him up.

I would say he could stop all the mindless bragging and his little game of baby 4D wannabe chess, get back to just the facts and humor, and he would be fine.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
If anyone on earth is really an alien in disguise, my money would be on PJW. The stilted way he talks and those looks...there's so much more there than your typical uncanny valley.

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