There are so many celebrities now, it's not even special anymore...
Shake Head 
At all.

It used to be that celebrity was an elite club and there really just weren't that many...

Everyone basically knew who all of them were.

It used to mean something.

Now fame means nothing. So many people are "famous", yet it's so over saturated, I'd never even recognize most people who are "famous" these days.

There are so many total shit TV shows and movies with all these different assclowns, there's no way (or reason) anybody could remember them all.

Nobody can watch ALL the dumb as fuck shows and movies out there these days. 

It's so... done. It's cooked.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
I thought the same exact thing way back in 2000 [especially in music] so you KNOW it's only gotten worse by now! EVERYTHING is so bland and watered down. We live in a global "look-at-me" culture awash in those that are YouTube-famous and everybody gets a participation trophy. It's not just lowering the bar, it's fuckin' burying that bitch 12 foot deep!

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