I regret all those things I said...
That one time. About the stuff.
The fact that you don't have the guts to say this directly to the person you're talking to is pathetic. It's rather embarrassing to watch you slut yourself around on the internet and chase after nasty old dudes in bathtubs. Talk about lost. Jezz... You had the world handed to you on a silver platter. You had WISDOM handed to you directly from a master. What did you do with it? Do you really think there will be no karma for the harm you have done, for your disrespect? It's clear you had no respect for me. After seeing what you have become, it's also now clear that you have no respect for yourself. Life is hard. I won't help you. I won't send my angels to watch over you. You are, as you wished, ON YOUR OWN! Free, to wallow in the filth around you. Free, to revel in your iniquity. Just know the time will come when you will have to answer for your sins, and in that darkest hour of your soul I will not be there to lift you up. I will not answer for you so that you may enter. You are a harlot, forever banished from the kingdom, destined to live amongst the swine and filth of this world.
Whoa, WTF?

I wasn't even talking about you.

But thanks for the response.

Haters are always the biggest fans...

You know I was thinking, if you don't want people to laugh at your stupid shit perhaps you shouldn't broadcast it to the world?

Anyway, as tempting as it may be to look in on this train wreck from time to time, I am going to refrain from further comment.

Thanks for the laugh ;)

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