Stefan Molyneux's latest offering
(07-22-2019, 03:58 AM)Dark Dick Wrote: Tim Pool had a video where he mentioned $tephen cashed out $3,000,000 in bitcoins he got as donations.

That’d be money well spent on something other than documentaries...

Like, oh, I dunno...

The rest of his life, and his child’s future.

Gotta say, Stefan may not be as wise as he believes himself to be.

Dude what the hell is Stefan DOING??

He needs to stay in the studio where he really shines.

I don’t get why he’s fucking around with the documentary thing.

Anybody doing documentaries with that team right now is highly suspicious.

The intentions are all wrong here. Stefan is just desperately tagging along, but the other ones getting attention over these documentaries are likely sell outs and double-ops.
It just makes me question why I ever liked the guy so much.

If a female business professional didn’t wear any makeup, Stefan would probably trash talk her and say she’s letting herself go or something. He’s a fucking hypocrite. I look at this man today and wonder how in the hell he ever produced content that I thought was brilliant... what the hell has happened to him over the years?? Same guy who says women need to “compete” with porn stars since their husbands like porn so much and they’re bored with their wives. Lmfao! Show me a pornstar with no makeup, Stefan. It’s amazing embarrassing what mommy issues can do to a man.
Stefan “Mommy Issues” Molyneux.
I don’t believe he’s helping the world anymore...

I think there was a time when he did, and I think that time has passed.
I think he’s one of those people whose extreme bitterness just gets worse with age...

Which sucks because that can take years off life expectancy.

It is VERY unhealthy to be that way. It has an actual physical effect on the body.

Sounds like Stefan's channel...

Hit the wall?

Sucks not to turn as many heads as you used to, huh Stefan?

Guess nothing's safe or sacred ;)
oh , so now little stephen believes in conspiracy theories

I don't feel bad for him... I think he's a fucking douche.

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