The Secret Story of the Stars
So it turns out there is a great chance you are NOT the sign you think you are! What do I mean by this?

Alright, so let's clear some things up about this stuff. First things first, a sign is a constellation. Your sun sign is the constellation the sun was in on the day you were born. You also have a second sun sign, that is the constellation the sun was in on the day your parents did some naughty stuff. Angelnana You can calculate this second sun sign by adding 3 months to your day of birth.

Now, the sun does NOT actually spend 30 days in each constellation. The sizes of the constellations are actually quite diverse; some are bigger than others. The fact of the matter is that the sun actually passes through 13 signs (and slightly touches upon a 14th and there are 88 constellations in total.) On average, this is what the true astronomical Zodiac looks like:

                      Dates Sun Is
Constellation   In The Constellation    # of Days
Sagittarius         Dec 18 - Jan 18        32
Capricornus     Jan 19 - Feb 15         23
Aquarius          Feb 16 - Mar 11         24
Pisces              Mar 12 - Apr 18         38
Cetus              Mar 14                       < 1
Aries                Apr 19 - May 13         25
Taurus            May 14 - Jun 19         37
Gemini             Jun 20 - Jul 20           31
Cancer            Jul 21 - Aug 9             20
Leo                 Aug 10 - Sep 15         37
Virgo               Sep 16 - Oct 30         45
Libra               Oct 31 - Nov 22         23
Scorpius         Nov 23 - Nov 29         7
Ophiuchus      Nov 30 - Dec 17        18

So there is a great chance you are not the sign you think you are. Actually, only 1 in 7 people are the sign they think they are.

Of course, as I do have a conspiratorial oriented mind, I'd say the reason we are not made aware of this, is not by accident -- and is very much part of our ''programming''. IF you were to ask me, I'd say this is yet another example of a longterm deepstate social engineering program aimed to confuse us. Because a confused population is an easily manipulated population and an easily manipulated population is an easily controlled population. But of course, I have zero proof of this...

Just know that for all intents and purposes of an equally divided 30-day 12-sign system, They, could just as easily have used the Ophiuchus instead of Scorpius, which only lasts for 7 days, whereas the Ophiuchus lasts for 18 days. And the Ophiuchus, the bearer of snakes, is a sign that is supposed to represent Unity and it actually points towards the center of our Milky Way Galaxy... but that's such a scary word, right? Unity? Can't have thoughts of Unity infecting the public's subconsciousness! But that's just another coincidence, I'm sure...

And the Cetus, the Whale, the great beast which devours all, might represent how we all have to face our own demise one day. As we all have to touch upon that dreaded day some day, just like our sun does every year... as above, so below. Always.
Well, at least it seems poetic enough, doesn't it?

Astrologically speaking, what does this all mean for us? Well, not very much, at least, not if you don't believe in that kind of stuff in the first place. But if you do, it could explain why sometimes the signs that are directly next to yours make more sense than your original one, because the 30-day 12-sign system simply gives an approximation. Also, you're supposed to be connected to ALL signs, not just one or two. So if a reading offers you insight into your life, what does it matter if that's a reading meant for one sign or for the other?

And if anyone might wonder, I am a Capricornus according to the true Zodiac, and the only astrologist I do personally believe 100% is that fine-ass chick that MO posted a thread on, which inspired me to make this thread hihi


Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Enjoy your new signs! And may the stars be with you!

<3 PhiPhiGuru
i guess i am now an aquarius(water carrier)ruling planet uranus ,thought i was pisces all my life ... i was happy as a pisces and even have a giant reef tank because it seems soothing
Very interesting... I've never seen the 'true sun sign' broken down like this before.

So according to this, I would be a Pisces. But I really don't have the supposed 'traits' of a Pisces as much as Aries. I prettymuch fit the Aries category perfectly, but I do have some Pisces too. I used to identify a lot more with the Pisces horoscope for example, when I was younger. I used to consider myself a Pisces sort of intuitively. I really don't feel that way anymore though. I definitely feel more like an Aries.

And my 'second sun sign' is apparently a Cancer, which I do possess some of those qualities. So it does kinda make sense. And sure, we all exhibit some qualities from all these signs... but I really find the Western zodiac to be pretty accurate for the most part. I have made it well known that I prefer the Chinese zodiac above all and consider it the most accurate though.
I always knew there was something wrong with the whole astrology thing, I'm glad I never fell for those lies.

So much of our lives are ruled by lies, I'm glad to live in a house where the influences from outside are all shut out. Nobody has an excuse to allow those lies into your life, nobody does and they only have themselves to blame, don't blame the liars.

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