We gotta get rid of the moon
No joke it is the antenna for the Saturn rulers ,they control our emotions and the matrix that enslaves you

That might be a metaphorical way of looking at it...

But the moon was actually formed when the Mid Atlantic Ridge split open and ejected a shitload of liquid that literally shot into space...

It then formed into a sphere and the moon is hollow and basically a big piece of pumice.





It's pumice.


"Water exploded violently out of the rupture" ... it blasted with such force into space.
(06-07-2017, 11:43 PM)Trix Wrote: That might be a metaphorical way of looking at it...

But the moon was actually formed when the Mid Atlantic Ridge split open and ejected a shitload of liquid that literally shot into space...

It then formed into a sphere and the moon is hollow and basically a big piece of pumice.

Well, then explain to me why the moon's rotational period is exactly the same as it's orbital period; making only one specific half of the moon faces the Earth, while the far side is never seen by the human eye? Is it just a coincidence, or was it designed to do that?

You're talking about the mechanics of the moon after formation...

I have no idea why it behaves like it does...

Why do flies fly around in circles and shit?

I don't know man.

I only know the moon came out of the earth.

The effects it has on us can be interpreted in a lot of ways, thus all the theories.

But it governs the tide because it came from the tide.

The moon governs water because it came from water.

It's about that damn simple.
And actually, every point you just brought up regarding the moon's orientation etc. just further solidifies (pun intended) in my mind that the moon is formed of matter that was ejected from earth.



Mid Atlantic Ridge basically erupted with a shitload of inner ocean probably mixed with lava etc., it shot into space and then formed into the moon, which is basically pumice.

This happened the last time the earth expanded...

I guess when Pangaea broke apart... that's what they try to say at least.
Yah... I'm sorry, but that's retarded. The problems in the world aren't caused by the moon. The problems are caused by human beings. David Icke is a disinfo artist, don't trust that guy.

that sums up my feelings about the moon.

some of the most ancient legends and myths i've been able to find tell a tale of a night sky without the moon... and i give those stories credence. the odds of earth forming a moon so perfect in size, distance, and rotation for it to give us eclipses as it does - statistically improbable to say the least. factor in the nature of the other `natural` satellites around planets and luna just doesn't fit.

it is a hollow vessel that was created and towed here. it clearly has an effect on weather patterns and living beings.
rhombus will set you free.
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ― Michael Ellner
Yeah I do not like this idea as  my dream is to one day hold hands with trix under a full moon  .   Then we kiss  .  Its love.

I love the moon.

I don't sense anything negative about it at all.

I find it very attractive.

I did have this dream about the moon once though...

An asteroid had smacked into it. There was a big bright red crater on it which was highly visible from earth...

The impact had knocked it off course and it was coming closer and closer to earth, accompanied by a loud 'buzz' that was inescapable and the sound was growing ever louder.

I had gone to the top of a skyscraper to watch it come closer and closer, with quite a handsome young man. We were sitting on the roof, holding hands and watching it approach.
(06-07-2017, 11:59 PM)Trix Wrote: http://bigthink.com/eruptions/drilling-i...ready-have




^^^^ INTERESTING !!!!! ^^^^^^
LOL, I found this random note on my old iPad...

Most of the stuff I wrote on that iPad was from when I first woke up. Like a dream journal. So I remember writing almost none of it.
I can't sleep for shit when the moon is full.

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