1985 episode of the Twilight Zone EXPLAINS TIME and REALITY!!!
Oh for FUCK'S sake. THEY ARE coming up with a reboot!!!


ROFL... oh man. This should suck balls!

I have zero faith in their ability to make it good.

They better watch out...

Or I'll write a FanFic about how pissed off Rod Serling's spirit gets over their shitty reboot and his beyond-the-grave revenge.
The Twilight Zone (2002) - "Night Route"


4:26... dude, everybody on that bus is HOT AS FUUUUUCK. Gangbang bus though!!! Afterlife orgy thoughhh!!!

Oops... spoilers thouuugh!!!! Ahahaha no one cares THOUUUGHHH!!!

11:04... duuude. I'd sit on that bus driver's lap for SURE!!!


12:03 ROFL, this chick ACTUALLY FIGURES OUT WHAT HAPPENED AHAHAHAHAHA. This is like... knowing you're dreaming while having a dream. It's kind of a cool twist to throw in there... I dig it. I dig what they did with this story. I mean, I just moderately dig it. Like in an early 2000s kinda way.

100% fucking DEFINITELY no moral behind this story though... absolute total fucking zero.




That was a hella epic twist, I gotta say I totally didn't expect that at all. 100% totally didn't see that coming.
Watching shit and commenting on it at the same time is kinda hard. I love talking during movies and shows though, so it's totes perfect for me.

I wish I could watch more than one thing at the same time whilst commenting.

Maybe I should start watching these vids in 2x speed to make time for more stuff to watch and comment on!!!

"11:04... duuude. " ,  well i like the pretty lady she reminds me of a girl in grade 6 ... an ice dancer   that i always wanted to bang  .     IDK something about the haircut too is very sexy .
Okay fuck it, balls to the wall…

I’m posting a link to the FanFics I wrote in 2004-5 all inspired by the Twilight Zone. There were 3 Twilight Zone FanFics and one Bonanza FanFic which was done in Twilight Zone style!

Check it!


If it sucks…

I was 14.

Thing is…

It’s probably better than I am now and probably… kinda wish I could have the brain of the 14 year old me instead.

Totally serious. She didn’t cuss and was probably a lot smarter in all the ways that matter.
The Twilight Zone (2002) - "Sensuous Cindy"


"We agreed! No more sex until we get married!" ROFLMAOOO UMMM, FUCK THAT!!! Ahahahaha that's a good one. "No sex for six months!" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK THAT AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

This is a virtual reality kinda episode.

I can already tell there's no moral to this either. Tired of all these episodes with no moral principles. If I even finish this one, I probably won't watch any of the 'new' Twilight Zone episodes again until I am desperate/have watched all the other ones.

The narrator intro on this one was kinda funny though. Regardless, I never wanted to hear the word "sexual" on any Twilight Zone episode ever.

LOL, this episode is dumb as shit.

What's the moral here? Don't "cheat" on your wife with a computer program? Hah, save the bullshit. That was the most forgettable episode I've ever seen.
Alright fuck the 'new' episodes, I'm going back to the 80s.
(06-10-2017, 10:00 PM)MO Wrote: Alright fuck the 'new' episodes, I'm going back to the 80s.

yeah don't know why i like the B&W episodes so  much more  , its like the 80's is  completely morally vacant   , and thats the irony   because i find the women sexier  back then  because they exercise restraint   ...i fucking hate the madonna era  , except i liked the song/vid true blue   cuz i was a little boyslut
The moral aspect of the 80s episodes is better than the 2000s episodes... but still nothing on the original series.

I haven't opened it yet!!!

It sounds like a tiny train slowing down!!! ROFLROFL!!!
The Twilight Zone (1985) - "Opening Day"




I'm eating a bag of popcorn, with a glass of watered down milk!!! Tehehehehe!!! It's my favorite showtime treat!!!

Ooo, I like the main guy in this episode, he's one of those super hot older dudes that was in a bunch of 80s stuff but you basically never knew who the fuck he was!

1:05 DAYUMMM who is THIS hottie?!?!? I'd love for a good looking dude like that to approach me like a total fucking creepster!!! SO HOTTT!!!!!!!!!

Fuckkk, this is making me horny as hell!!! Look at this!!! Dayummm!!!

LOL! What's the difference between this and the sex scenes in the 'new' episodes? Why do I like one kind of affectionate display and not another kind?? Is it the creepy, secretive aspect that turns me on?? It MUST be!!! Oh I'm so devious!!! I love it!!! Teehee!!!

OMG are they gonna knock this guy off?! What the fuck are they talking about!? This chick isn't even that hot. What the hell??

See, the 80s episodes had well written narrator intro/outros. The 'new' ones are just totally cheeseball. I can't wait to see how far off and totally fucked up they make the reboot intro/outros... 10 years from now when they're all uploaded on YouTube for free of course!!!


Muwahahahaha!!! Bwahahahaha!!! Muwahabwahahaha!!!

LOL... OMG. This episode is kinda sad :( The fuck!? If I was about to knock that guy off and he was saying some deep shit like that, I'd be like uhhh... maybe wanna rethink this whole thing. Especially since the chick is like... only decent looking at best. LOL, I wouldn't be killing shit for her!!! OMG this is sad!!! :(

Ahahaha WTF there is NOOOOOO way this guy would get away with what he did. The plot is SOOOOOO transparent LMFAO!!! It's totally obvious what they did. It's so obvious these two were in collusion, I mean WTF. Even in a fictional world this shit isn't believable.

The hell is with the fog following this guy around everywhere.

LOL FFS. Marriage and having children is SUCH a bad idea. I mean you just have to deal with the fucking kids CONSTANTLY, the whole thing is an uphill battle, your spouse is constantly cheating and secretly murdering people. WTF. Why bother. EVERRR.

Man this episode has a hella creepy atmosphere.

What the hell is going on here??

See, this episode has a moral principle. The eerie, dark feeling of guilty conscience.

I'm not gonna lie though, I have NOOOOO idea what the hell is going on in this episode. I'm totally serious. Like, from the beginning... I have no idea.

17:05, that's totally hot though. I think it's the dominating aspect that makes 'sex' scenes okay with me. If it's not dominating, it's just gross and awkward!!!

Okay so I THINK I get it... the guy is living the reality of the dude he knocked off. He's seeing it through his eyes. Bwahahaha!!! Okaaay!!! I get it!!!

See, great moral principle here, good shit, well done!!!
The Twilight Zone (1985) - "Profile In Silver"


Dude oooh shiiit... this episode is about Kennedy.

I bet this episode has a SHITLOAD of propaganda in it.

Time travel... hmmm.

"Ancestor worship"...

Interesting how the time travel transportation device is always a freaking wristwatch. It SEEMS obvious. But maybe there's a deeper meaning to it.

Very interesting concept so far. Wonder where they're going with this.

15:15... so the time distortion from changing history resulted in a temporal rift which caused tornadoes.

Oooo. This is trippy.


If you want my TOTALLY honest opinion...

This episode is hinting at the fact that Kennedy was privy to some super top secret, mind bending info.

I think this is some good acting too, I like this guy playing Kennedy.





25:17... heavy shit right there buddy.

26:05... holy shit y'all.

This was...

Beyond profound.
Think I'm gonna uhhh...

Leave it at that for tonight.

I love the old shows. The only tv I watch is MeTV when I go to bed really late at night.

I LOVE Perry Mason, Mannix and the Alfred Hitchock hour. Great shows. .. well, Mannix not so much, but I like it still.

Now Perry Mason is a show I remember my mom always loved when I was little and I dreaded it coming on because that meant no cartoons.  Now that I'm older I really love that show. 

Everything about it is amazing. The acting, the writing, the camera shots... the great black and white, and Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) has the sexiest eyes. Have you ever noticed that man's eyes? So sexy. He was also gay at a time when that had to be hidden, or he would have been out of a career. 

I really love being up late and taken back into a different time with the old shows. Others I like are Lost in Space and this other show about giants...  I forget the name.
[Image: http://www.vividinfinity.com/perry_mason...aldwin.jpg]
It was so classy...

Even the shows that people probably thought sucked back then are like gold compared to the total garbage people are fed on TV today.
Do you get MeTV MO?

I really, really love the feeling I get watching the old shows late at night/early in the morning from my bedroom. I feel like a kid and I feel safe and cozy. And usually I can hear my mockingbird friend. He starts up at around 2am and I love the sounds he makes.

Twilight Zone is another, but they haven't been playing them as much.
Is that an actual TV channel?? I don't own a TV. I just do all my watching on the internet... YouTube. I watch stuff on Amazon sometimes too if I can't find it on YouTube. I don't watch Netflix or any of that other stuff though.
Yeah, it's a network that shows all old shows. MeTV

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