1985 episode of the Twilight Zone EXPLAINS TIME and REALITY!!!

The Twilight Zone (1985) - "A Matter of Minutes"


I never was into the Twilight Zone post Rod Serling. I always thought all the "new" stuff (even the 80s episodes) must be a load of shit.

But I think I was straight up WRONG because this is EPIC.

Really interesting statements made in this episode.

Probably one of the best episodes of the Twilight Zone ever.
Stunning pure and total excellence.

Pretty damn profound, I gotta say.

It really is.

This episode was totally epic.

Like that wrench they found at the end...

Highly symbolic episode here.

Leagues beyond epic.
This was the first episode of any "new" Twilight Zone I've ever watched...

The Twilight Zone (2002) - "The Pool Guy"


That episode started it all... it was pretty damn good too.
The Twilight Zone (1985) - "Shatterday"

Super deep and epic shit.
Pretty cool stuff!
Literally about to jump face first into the rabbit hole unapologetically and I am going to watch the 80s Twilight Zone ALL... FUCKING... DAY.

I went out and got some food, which was a Twilight Zone experience in and of itself. I'm refraining from sharing the experience with the entire internet though because I thought and thought about the significance of the experience and ACTUALLY figured out what it meant. And it was super deep and meaningful and fascinating for my own personal studies about time loops/markers and life/reality. But the personal nature of the meaning makes it unsharable. I am writing about it in my diary though, no worries.


The Twilight Zone marathon BEGINS!!!

Aw dammit, this is a 2000s episode...


I'll give it a chance anyway. The Pool Guy episode was from the 2000s too and it was pretty good.
The Twilight Zone (2002) - "Future Trade"


These bitches in this episode are pretty hot!

See that's the thing about the Twilight Zone... it's got a MORAL behind it. There's a MORAL PRINCIPLE behind each episode (or the good ones, at least... sometimes they're silly). You can already tell this episode is operating on a moral principle.

I watched an episode of the Outer Limits lastnight too, and while it was pretty excellent, there wasn't that MORAL punch behind it that really gets you and really SAYS something.

This is what makes the Twilight Zone so great.

4:45, ew gross, a sex scene. That's disgusting. See that's why I fucking rejected the 'new' Twilight Zone. I hate sex scenes.

This is actually a really great story so far.

This guy sure got a clue fast though... kinda hard to believe.

LOL wow, this guy's mom is a fuckin' bitch!!!

'Monarch Foods'... interesting.

Well that was a relatively bitchin' episode, I mean, I'll take the sickly sweet moral message over some meaningless tripe any day.
The Twilight Zone (1985) - "Time and Teresa Golowitz"


I like the intro of the 80s version because there aren't any words. The credits font also isn't cheesy like it is in the 2000s version. Since it's the 80s it's got that legit vintage feel. Really good. The narrator also has a nice voice and it's fine that he never makes an appearance on the show, his voice makes up for it.

My favorite episodes are the ones that relate to time and death.

Man oh man...

So proud of Rod Serling for making this totally amazing show. What a legacy this is.

The 70s and 80s make me so horny.

LMFAO this episode is kinda sad. But it calls it for what it is.


8:54 ... there's a mention of Wonder Woman. I find that incredibly odd.

As I've been watching this series since lastnight, there have been several strange and oddly personal synchronicities. While this isn't a personal one, it is a general time marker. Mildly significant... just a blip, but definitely there.

Cool story bro.

24:22, check that out. Mmhmm.
Like you MO i loved the old ones but never really bothered on the new stuff , i think i might watch several  , watching pool guy now .
I just thought Rod Serling was SOOO sexy. So intensely sexy. I just never wanted to watch anything without his influence...

But I can see now that they are still influenced by him, especially in the 80s episodes. They pay pretty good homage to his creative and artistic expression which was fueled by universal truth in my totally honest opinion.

Truman Show type deal, a decade before the Truman Show...

The Twilight Zone (1985) - "Special Service"


Pretty interesting.

Man they used to be a lot more honest about what the hell sexual attraction really is. Both of these episodes I've watched just now alluded to 'hormones' and what a cheap trick they are.

People want more material like this... people want storytelling with moral principles that share REAL truths.
The Twilight Zone (1985) - "Chameleon"


Oh my. It's a space themed episode! Weird shit going down in this episode! You can tell this one had a big budget! Teehee! Very cute.

I just love the fusion between 'high tech' and those sexy dude voices you just don't hear anymore... the 50s-80s had those guys with the sexy, classy sounding voices. Oh la la.

This episode is kinda freaky... they did so well casting the nerdy NASA dudes too. So sexy. I want a fuckin' NASA lab coat!!!

Wow. This episode.

Quite a trip.

That escalated quickly.
The Twilight Zone (1985) - "Dead Run"



Ah well, the story of human existence in no uncertain terms, brought to you by 1980s Twilight Zone. Who would've thought?
The Twilight Zone (1985) - "Voices In The Earth"


ANOTHER space based episode, dafuq?!

41 upvotes, 11 downvotes.

I wonder why they didn't like this episode?

Seems to mention God a lot so far. Very interesting...

God haters downvoted this video.

They're talking about life/consciousness and saying there must be a God.

Seems like there are haters of this kind of aboveboard conversation.

This is a pretty interesting episode...

It makes me think about the kind of data that is actually going to stand the test of time. It's like... language will be useless. Nobody will know what the fuck it means. Only music and imagery will be able to convey any kind of meaningful message. And how to preserve it? It's all a longshot.
"Only music and imagery will be able to convey any kind of meaningful message. '

i think they made a movie about this , idiocracy ring a bell ? lol
But how are they going to play music that we've left behind? Are we going to bury a phonograph and some records? LOL. And what about imagery? What if the lifeforms who find it don't even SEE the same way we do?? It will mean basically nothing to them.

Having said that...

What if the only beings who find any of our relics of existence are just another form of humans, far into the future? What if that's all it could ever be? I'm of the mind that interstellar travel and planet hopping isn't even possible: http://www.sectual.com/thread-472-post-5...ml#pid5378
The Twilight Zone (1985) - "Something In The Walls"


Ah man there was a time when I really wanted to be a psychologist. But over the years I just realized... the education system is such a racket, it's pure indoctrination, it's all SJW tripe these days. Eventually I came to the understanding you don't have to have some kinda certification to study psychology and form/share theories. You don't have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a piece of paper that says you know things... you can cut to the chase and put your ideas out there. Anybody can change the world. Anybody.

And can I just say right now... I have a weakness for hot dudes with mental problems. It makes me wet.

8:22... HOLY FREAKING SMACK!!!!!!! SHE'S TALKING ABOUT PAREIDOLIA!!!!!!!!! http://www.sectual.com/thread-1828.html

Holy shit dude... the Twilight Zone is my fucking JAAAMMM!!!!!!!!!


Faces come through the patterns...

Patterns are portals.

After all, the universe/existence is a set of patterns repeated infinitely from micro to macro.

20:00 HAHAAA OMG!!! Creepy AF episode for shizzle.
"And can I just say right now... I have a weakness for hot dudes with mental problems. It makes me wet."

fucking LOL
The Twilight Zone (1985) - "The Hellgramite Method"


Episode about a pretty fuckable alcoholic dude... *touches self*

Smoking and drinking at the same time, that's pretty damn fucking nasty. They made him seem like a super believable drunk bastard.

LMFAO this fucking guy is sooooo drunk, ROFLMAOLOLOLOLOL. Ahahaha I would beat the shit out of my husband if he came home all drunk like that. I'd totally smother him to death with my vagina.

7:04... WTF!?!?!?! HE'S OFFERING THIS GUY THE RED PILL!!!!!!!!!!!

This guy's wife being a bitch is totally annoying... it's obnoxious. If you don't like what a fucker's doing, leave his ass and leave it at that. No need to be a bitch and treat a guy like shit.
The Twilight Zone (1985) - "The Call"


I'd looove a lonely sad dude like this to cuddle and hold hands with...

Every sad lonely non-ugly dude out there deserves a good woman like me to frisk around with. I'd even cook him a nice meal.

The actor is William Sanderson. He's from TN, his accent is real. I remember seeing him in other things and he talked the same way.

Hmmm... WTF is the deal with this story line? This one is a late bloomer.

It's starting to take a turn now...

I think this is about to go somewhere weird as hell.




This guy needs to get a cat.

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