Life is literally a bunch of excrement...
Human life, animal life, all life...

It's all a bunch of excrement.

We come from and are sustained by miles of layers of filth and decay.

Things die and are consumed by other lifeforms which eat the remains and then shit them out, further contributing to the layers of the foundation of defecation and decay. 

We survive only by eating the food that grows from the layers of decay and defecation of everything that has come before us.

This dense and frankly nasty perception of existence is part of the duality... the other side of the coin is the airy fairy light/energy and formless perception. 

We peer through an ever shrinking window during our momentary lifetimes at the density of existence this form allows us to perceive. 

If you zoom out on time and look at the whole of the human organism throughout the eons... you can see the constant continuous cycle of short lived existence followed by death and rebirth. Blooming and decay, back to back at warp speed.

The organism of humanity is a blip in the lifecycle of the planet. Its depravity and destructiveness speaks to its short lived nature. It's not an organism designed to last... it's an organism designed to consume, filter, excrete, multiply and die, therefore providing the bed of decay for other lifeforms to grow out of. 

The ego battles, the completely ridiculous sense based desires, all of it is programming that ensures we just continue on in the cycle of defecation and decay without causing any rift in the process.

Build your life around being attractive to the opposite sex. Lament getting old. Strive for reproductive appeal. Dread your decay. By doing so, you are operating perfectly in this well oiled machine. 

Me personally? I'm going to rebel to the end because I am aware. My microscopic blip will be anomalous... that is the most you'll get out of this animal farm. And after you die, you'll be right back, and you won't remember a thing... and then you'll care again. About the appeal, about the multiplying, you'll strive for meaningless things. You'll be enslaved, in the pursuit of appeal... in the pursuit of acceptance from some other human organism. Again. Until you learn not to care. Until you become aware. If you do. Next time.
What if I told you that the building blocks of life on this planet was planted when a cute alien girl had to make an unscheduled pit stop to take a big dump in some bushes.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
(06-20-2017, 10:40 AM)Dark Dick Wrote: What if I told you that the building blocks of life on this planet was planted when a cute alien girl had to make an unscheduled pit stop to take a big dump in some bushes.

now  my perverted mind is wondering if trix has ever taken a dump  in some bushes  by the side of the road    ,  its possible my sisters used to do that  ... our family travelled a fuckload - 13 schools in 12 years of eduvacation
(06-20-2017, 04:24 PM)Trix Wrote: My issue lies in the fact that holding an opinion about any of it, be it natalist or anti-natalist, is totally pointless.

It's pointless because the machine is going to rage on no matter WHAT we think. You can do your part in this microscopic blip of a lifetime by not having any children, but when you die... it's my belief you're coming right back and you may not make the same decision next time. Who knows??

(06-20-2017, 04:24 PM)Trix Wrote: This is the exact reason why I look at romantic relationships/sexual attraction/reproduction so cynically these days... because the timeframe when these things are supposed to play out is SO SHORT that it's hardly even worth mentioning. And youth is wasted on the young.

We are programmed to seek sex/reproduction at a young age because that's when we're the DUMBEST. That's when we're the most NAIVE. The time in our lives when we have the LEAST WISDOM.

How sick is that? This is the same reason older men prey on younger women... because it's programming. The men are slaves to their reproductive programming, and young women are dumb enough to fall into the trap. Men go for younger women because younger women are just dumb enough. In fact, to these cavemen who go around preying on younger women, intelligence is a turn-off. They need to be as dumb as possible. And thanks to social media and programming in the media in general... they just get dumber and more obsessed with being attractive. It's a perfect, sick, sad, sorry system. And I hate to say it... but those who fall into the trap? I don't feel sorry for them. They should have rubbed some braincells together and tried to CONTEMPLATE EXISTENCE.
Reality is all perception. We make our own reality, and I prefer to think of life and creation as something to behold. A masterwork.
I totally agree with you, GG, I think existence is wondrous. For example, I'm eating a peach right now. It's great.

But I can see both sides and I feel both sides... as I'm sure you do. I just go through phases wherein I am more inclined to discuss what might seem like the 'negative' aspects of existence. I don't see this as 'negativity' though, to me it merely is what it is and I'm not upset about any of it. On the contrary, I find a certain solace in admitting such truths.

More exemplification nature's duality.
You don't make your own reality. Your reality perceives you. Think about it truly.
You are a human made up of so much code and dna
You think you have free choice?
Or were you and the enviornment around you programmed

Mom and dad programmed me and the decisions and choices I make and will make is all based on.. my programming

When your in a donut shop. You pick that donut. But you picked that donut becuase it was infact your choice?.. Think aboouuut it
There is no difference between those two concepts whatsoever.

You’re assuming there’s some kind of separation “between things”... there isn’t.
just need to change your vibration....
I typically use the medium-high setting.
stop masturbating, everyone

that is the secret to harmony

only then will the alien hybrids among us reveal themselves and give us instructions for the next phase of humanity

we will be taught how to create new materials that give us special powers to teleport

it won't happen if women continue to keep vibrators in their purse , and men must stop ejaculation in the shower

yeah it made me laugh at first but these entities are dead serious

when we pleasure ourselves it drains our senses and abilities and we become like retards to them, lets sharpen up people

george bush jr. allowed porn online and he could have stopped it , we are in the dark ages
Taking away a mans porn is like taking away his rifle

none yall bitchs gunna do it
i got to do EVERYTHING myself around here.
life is a beach. now take a swim and fak off
Without porn i would not be that man i am today watching porn
So the choice is between teleportation and orgasms? That's a no-brainer. Hump
i rather just beat my meat like a silly penguin and not have to worry about someone on secutual forums worry about my misbehaving when im alone
Robbie the robot can feed you whatever you want if you learn to travel to other planets far away


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