Cindy Currier: The New and Improved Nancy Lieder!!!

I wonder if Cindy did drugs when she was young.

She was born in '59 so the likelihood is basically off the charts. Right? Because she'd be 21 at the start of the 80s...

There's no way she didn't do drugs.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

1:45 Cindy talks about how she's banned from livestreaming on YouTube because of 'community guidelines' because she mentioned 'a certain place in Nevada'.

Now I find that interesting because I too noted oddities about Nevada, on my YouTube channel. I haven't seen any trouble over that... but then again I didn't mention specific places either.

My thought on it is that they filmed the moon landing in Nevada... not saying they didn't actually go to the moon, merely saying Nevada is where they filmed what they showed as 'the' moon landing.

Specifically where, I don't know. My guess is that it was probably the most expensive and extensive hollywood production ever... I think they even resurfaced some of the geographical landscape. Before and probably after filming. But that's all just my opinion.

Why the hell would people wanna livestream??? Like I can understand livestreaming shows and events, and even live news...

But people just coming on and having a one way 'conversation' with a silent audience?? What the shit? What is that even? Why?? You can't fucking edit if you mess up. You can't have good interaction, there's too much going on. I dunno, livestreaming is just a load of crap.

Cindy does say very interesting things though, very interesting things about existence and reality and whatnot. But she never says enough about it, which is pretty obnoxious.

6:36 - 7:11 um I disagree Cindy, we're not that dumb. Humans would adapt to that kind of technology basically overnight. They would be in a state of awe for like 24 hours and then there would be a massive craze over the 'programmable matter' and they would be addicted, albeit 100% adapted to the concept basically right off the bat.

Alright she's totally lost me at the whole Tyler the AI thing.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
"Grab your tinfoil hats and great ready for a funky ride!!!!!!!!!" 

people really should consider making one this weekend  , no kidding 


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