4 star hotel in thailand only cost 70 dollars!
Wish I had a white boyfriend who will take me on a trip to Thailand :(
Ling, if you do go to Thailand, can you be honest with us about how it smells? I've heard things.
Ling , i will be straight with you , i really aint interested in asian dick .  I have wondered though about asian girls  and perhaps you would consider acting as my chaperone to bangkok  to find the woman of my dreams , perhaps she is standing on a street corner  or maybe she is dancing in a gogo bar .  I need you buddy , i need your keen eye for the str8 guy to guide me in the right direction  and find a perky  young asian princess that is just maybe going through hard times and needs a white saviour  . Also you must be very in tune with the right places to find a good meal  , asian food does frighten me somewhat   . Another issue is those gangs that go looking for  white tourists to beat up  and  kill  , i think with you as my asian buddy i won't end up  on the menu of some street vendor that is short on meat that day . Come on  pal  help a brother out .

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