I think the end is near
It's down, and down hard.


Fuck him.
Well I'm sure whatever site you're talking about is either already back online, or will be back shortly.

It's not a time to rejoice when a website goes down...

Changing servers, otherwise updating the site...

There's some explanation and it is almost certainly quite temporary.

You can never expect a site to be online 100% of the time, it's wholly unrealistic.
Having said that, I would appreciate the absence of discussion when it comes to other websites...

It's kind of rude and especially in the context of being happy that a website is down...

Meh, I dunno, it's sort of like being happy when someone's house catches on fire.

There are countless other platforms to gossip about websites on...

This site was not made for that purpose.

Admittedly I did make a thread here when IMDb's board went down (forever)...

But that was a corporate entity and it's really nothing personal. It's much like talking about a major department store chain going out of business.
Particularly, I view blogs and discussion forums as people's houses.

It's a quite a personal thing...

I would not be happy upon hearing that someone has become homeless, and in the same way, I would not be happy about hearing of a website being 'down'.

Essentially the rule here is, if you don't have anything nice to say in regards to other people's houses, please don't say anything at all, or at least post somewhere else about it.

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