People don't seem to understand that Europe IS AT WAR...
Fake news what about a fake nose? Like a clown nose or a fucking big wog nose with glasses? I would rather fake news.
Sweden Appoints Muslim Migrant Head of 'National Heritage Board'...

Guess what folks? He's not there to defend SWEDISH heritage...

He's there to further the ruination of Swedish heritage and ensure it's replaced with muslim heritage.

Kinda like Sadiq Khan is mayor of London so that he can secure the city for his people.
(02-08-2018, 05:22 PM)Trix Wrote: Kinda like Sadiq Khan is mayor of London so that he can secure the city for his people.

A mission that has been leagues beyond a success BTW.
(02-08-2018, 05:22 PM)Trix Wrote: Sweden Appoints Muslim Migrant Head of 'National Heritage Board'...


On one hand, it's a good video, and on the other hand...

It's amazing to me that Paul or anyone else can actually stand there and talk about this using terms like "politically correct" instead of words like "covert takeover" and "enemy infiltration" etc.

It's way more serious than stupid social labels and linguistics.

It's a literal takeover... it is war. It is PLAIN AND CLEAR.

None of these big names are calling it for what it is.

And what a joke it is to suggest that a 'vote' this year is going to change fuck all in Sweden...

They have been TAKEN OVER.

A video like this is supposed to open people's eyes, but all it's really doing is perpetuating the harmful notion that what's going on in Sweden and other European countries can be reversed by 'voting' or any other pacifist concept. Brexit alone proved that is a load of shit and a thing of the very distant past.

Very naive... getting tired of seeing this shit out of Paul, he's just being a cuck at this point.

I doubt he's got it in him to go gloves off and call this invasion for what it is.

And let's face it, if he did, he'd probably be arrested. That's what he gets for even being in Europe at this point.
yeah infowars is like a giant fat pied piper leading the discontents ,

will be taken on a long winding path through the wilderness

still wind up in the same FEMA camps as the SJW'S (soy boys,dykes,cucks

good times
(02-21-2018, 03:42 PM)Trix Wrote: None of these big names are calling it for what it is.

And what a joke it is to suggest that a 'vote' this year is going to change fuck all in Sweden...

You are right in that Sweden is beyond a point where voting would work. It wouldn´t work, because Swedish people have a mentality that´s beyond repair.

Nationalist SD is at 22.1% in the most recent poll, but if it doesn´t reach 51%, we will keep going down this road until Sweden is just a bunch of letters without meaning. It´s first and foremost the people who make up a nation, not "values" like my fellow countrymen believe.

I will still go out and vote for SD again, but it´s mostly just for my conscience.
I want to point out though, that if you exclude all the arabs, africans, old communist fags and sluts, those 22.1% have some very important groups in it, like young white working class men.

There´s still a risk of civil war. Wait I just wrote risk. My bad. I mean´t chance.
Well I am glad you are still gonna get out there and vote, Crille.

Soon they’ll be storming the homes of German citizens...
This filth is taking their crap with them when they leave for whatever white country they´re destined for, meanwhile the host nation naively believe they´ll "integrate" and become one of them as they step out the airplane.

The native populations believe integration is something a politician will "cause" upon the non-whites, by "doing this" or "doing that".

"I´m going to put x amount of money here, unlike my political opponents who put the money on the other side - This fixes integration and they´ll be just like us soon enough."

I also love when there´s a clear confusion about integration vs the concept of multiculturalism. People want integration now in Sweden to a point where I´m like... Bitch didn´t you just say you wanted multiculturalism? Which one is it?

Turns out that they want both. The arabs and africans and gypsies should be just like us to fit into society and *feel* like one of us - while at the same team being themselves because Sweden is multicultural and diverse.

If you see a conflict there then you´re surely one of those xenophobes.
I'd had a discussion (about a year ago actually) with one of my British friends about how fucked they are once the muslims start getting in control of their military...

Well here ya go:

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