Lauren Southern et al. are completely oblivious to the violent plot taking place...

In the video she says she "won't stop" attending these events... and that is the dumbest conclusion she could have possibly arrived at regarding this entire situation.

In The Comments Section Wrote:So now maybe you understand how serious this is and how totally unsafe you are out there at these events, Lauren. This is not 'protesting' it's not a 'rally', it's not an 'event'... it's orchestrated violence meant to incite war on the streets. You don't 'lose' by not going to the events... you lose by not calling it what it is on its face: orchestrated violence to incite war. You can do that right from the comfort of your own home... and you better. If you don't think they intend to kill you and the other big wigs of alternative media... you had better wake up. You reach very few people by attending these events. You reach and awaken the world by making videos exactly like this.

It's irresponsible for her to claim she won't back down from going to the events because it's a FAILURE to address these "events" for what they really are... organized mobs of people, (usually) paid to INCITE VIOLENCE with the goal of sparking CIVIL WAR.

The continued failure of the alt. media to call these people for what they are, to call these organized meetings for what they are... is a huge disappointment and a blow to their entire movement of truth and freedom.

The ultimate goal of these organized groups is to get big wig names from the alt. media in one place... and eventually make an attack on their lives.

I am calling the alt. media to wake the fuck up, recognize this for what it is, and use their media platform to share that truth with the masses.

They've been on the ground, they've seen the situation, they know what is going on and what is being planned, or AT LEAST THEY SHOULD. The WRONG thing to do is to continue going to the mall like zombies. They don't reach any useful number of people by attending these events. They reach people by making videos at home and sharing the TRUTH of what is going on at these organized mob gatherings. 

Continued attendance of these gatherings is a silly ego game and it will eventually be rewarded as such. It's natural law... it's common sense. Their lives are in danger at every one of these gatherings because that is THE PLAN that has been made against them.

The question isn't WILL people eventually be killed... the question is only how many.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
At the very least, it's stupid of her to say she won't stop attending the gatherings of organized violence because you never want your enemies to KNOW your plans and the moves you're going to make. This is so elementary. These people are watching her videos and gauging her response to situations... they are watching and adjusting their plans accordingly.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
luke rudkowski explains his g20   attack from antifa 

he does kinda have a nazi haircut ,lol 

honestly i was a huge fan of luke rudkowski when he was confronting larry silverstein and the rest of the 9/11 gang , but they just kind of gave up and now i wonder if even people like him are controlled opposition ... the elite giving just enough opposition to make it appear we still live in a free and open society ,lol


18:36 she just CASUALLY states that they're RESTRICTING data (communications) AND transportation...






You gotta laugh... I mean honest to God, you gotta laugh because it's so UNBELIEVABLE that some of the smartest "WOKE" people out there today AREN'T EVEN GRASPING AND ADMITTING WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
Lauren is indeed safer in the states or Canada. But honestly... it's not safe anywhere at these violent gatherings, regardless of where they take place. Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.

Regarding Germany...

History repeats itself. They're all too used to 'the drill'. They're all too comfortable with it. It's no problem for them to do it again.

Putting it off on Germany or Europe though... it's attention diversion. It's a way more widespread problem and if Lauren et al. fail to recognize that, it could be at their own peril.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
Faith Goldy of The Rebel Media where Lauren used to work...

Anybody still attending these events is a total idiot.

It's surprising they'd be dense enough to not understand where this is going.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
see now thats clearly real , you here the crunch of metal and people are flying unlike so many of the staged crap we have been treated to lately
Yeah, I do not know what happened or led up to that or who did it or if it was an accident...

It honestly does not even matter.

These events are WHOLLY CONTRIVED.

They are NOT grass roots, they are NOT organic...

Therefore they should be AVOIDED.


If you KNOW it's a trap and that the puppetmasters are Soros etc., WHY THE FUCKKK WOULD YOU WALK IN ANYWAYYY??

I'm sorry, but it is absolutely stupid.

Absolutely stupid.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

Faith Goldy looks shook AF.

The comments section said they found out who the driver was and that it was Antifa... they are also saying 1 person is dead.

We know one of their orders are to use vehicles as weapons. These people who are bussed to these events are sleeper cells...

They follow orders. Up until this point they have not been given any orders to actually use the standard killing tactics.

But apparently now they are starting to be given their more violent orders. So it's ramping up and eventually loss of life will start taking place.

And like I said...

This is all a LITERAL GAME, played by the global elites. It's their form of entertainment. Using the masses and the lives of the masses to entertain themselves and carry out their storylines on the world.

8:40... inside job.

Some people say the driver's car was swarmed by people getting violent and he freaked out... who knows at this point. But here are some photos:

If your car is surrounded and you're freaking out, it doesn't seem like you're going to start plowing through people, you'd just go at a steady pace through them. Especially when there isn't even a clear spot in view.

17:45 Faith admits she's fucking naive for going to these dumbfuck fakeass events. "Naive" is a real nice way to say it.

The license plate on that car is interesting... Ohio plates:
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
(08-12-2017, 03:59 PM)Trix Wrote:

That pic is fucked up, shoes everywhere.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
here is the supposed mother of the driver who rammed into the crowd , not sure i believe all this anymore ...another actor ?

They're doing exactly what Alex said they would do with this story.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

But I suppose it's a realization that is better late than never...

God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

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