I went to the grocery store wearing a fairly short dress...
God that's so spicy.
A Rolls Royce pulls up in front of the dumpsters and the chauffeur steps out to dispose of a bag of used bills.

Hearing the commotion he looks behind the dumpster only to see a naked man and woman rubbing their buttholes together with mustard.

The chauffeur calls back to the Rolls, "Sir, I think this might interest you."

Startled, the mustard-butters disengage and the bag boy grabs his clothes and rushes back into the store.

Trix begins to pick up her clothes and just as she's about to pick up her groceries the rear window of the Rolls lowers.

The occupant seeing her buttocks stained with store bought mustard asks her, "Have you ever tried Grey Poupon?"

Trix replies, "Oh my, that sounds fancy!"

The occupant tells his chauffeur to bring Trix along.

The chauffeur opens the back door for Trix and she gets in the backseat, she's surprised to see the man in there is already naked.

The chauffeur takes her clothes and groceries and puts them in the trunk.

The chauffeur gets in and drives off.

The man spreads Grey Poupon on her butthole and they start furiously rubbing their buttholes together, while the chauffeur takes them on a long drive through the countryside.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
(07-09-2017, 10:40 AM)Dark Dick Wrote: The occupant seeing her buttocks stained with store bought mustard asks her, "Have you ever tried Grey Poupon?"

I demand your hand in marriage. Literally now.
We shall consummate our marriage by rubbing our buttholes together using the finest Dijon mustard available.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
Anything for you.


nothing like a cool breeze on your hoo hoo on a hot day
i don't care if i get mustard all over my dick , i wanna bang this trixy lady when her husband is at work of course
That's a great way to liven up a boring trip to the grocery store.

I used to go to work commando wearing a skirt sometimes. The skirts weren't too short because they had to be work-appropriate, but like mid-thigh length.

Once a co-worker of mine and I were talking about underwear and I admitted I wasn't wearing any and she looked at me so shocked!

But I have never intentionally flashed anyone, not even my tits at Mardi Gras. I'm sure I have inadvertently flashed a lot of people though!

Rub Hands
Here's to you, Bag Boy. 

Anyone who stops this song before the chorus: you are missing out.

I've flashed a lot of truckers and other drivers.

From within the comfort of my own or someone else's vehicle of course.

Usually just one nipple.

Gotta be fast.

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