Donald Trump Is My President
No man can go against me...

I ain't your average cat.
"I was born in my own hospital. A great hospital, the best you could imagine!" ROLFMAOLOLOLOL HOLY SHITTT.

I love seeing all these videos that prove how popular President Trump is. These YouTubers are just trying to get on the Trump train because they know after he's elected their videos will get even more views.

Definitely not gonna miss Obama... the whole of his presidency has been super boring. Just totally lacking personality and any kind of relatable qualities at all.

Haters love to act like Trump isn't relatable because he's "super rich"... but that's just bullshit. The guy has an awesome personality, he's fucking hilarious and entertaining. Pure Americana. 8 years of Donald Trump will be a wild ride, it will be badass. I doubt there will be a dull moment. Make America Badass Again.

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