The Leak Project
(01-27-2019, 03:15 AM)MO Wrote:
8:24 I think he's absolutely right.

18:24 ROFL...

Ah God I love Rex.

He's so damn fucking amazing.

My kinda guy right there.

I could listen to him talk about this shit all day and night.

He's honestly so wonderful.

TBH at least they try to make these look like trees and fit in with the environment...

Unlike the ugly, God awful wind turbines they're putting everywhere, on land, in the ocean, etc.

They're total monstrosities and they're ruining scenic views all over the world...

They ruin the view of the horizon when they're put at sea.

It's honestly sick...

Humans are total idiots.

6:00 "grey matter" explosion within the earth.

Very interesting. Reminds me of the asphalt volcanoes...
11:45 Rex is so fucking entertaining.

I love how much Rex travels.

He'd be the perfect husband!

Out in the garage most of the time when he's home...

Traveling frequently!

I bet he's super easy to take care of, and so handsome too...

What a dreamguy!

Not to mention how knowledgeable and freethinking he is.

I like him a lot!

1:30 "decommissioned" my ass.
4:20 I love it when Rex runs around, he's such a fun human being.

Ummm why did Rex go into this DEN of VIPERS?

OMG is Rex really sucking on the corporate chain right now?!
Bad sign.
I love Rex but this is like not a good sign.
Cuz Rex doesn't NEED any tips on how to branch out and reach people...

He doesn't NEED a workshop.

He doesn't need any of that...

His subs will climb and climb even if he changes nothing.

Those YouTube conferences are about giving people tips on how to better assimilate to the borg. Period.

Rex, come on brotherman.
We'll give him the benefit of the doubt, but I'm shook, NGL.

I don't think it's very common to see lights on graves like that.

It's sad...

Ah the human tragedy.

And if Rex says he's cold, you know it's damn fucking cold out, LOL.

Rex thinks he can don the Zorg mask and redeem himself for attempting to assimilate to the borg...

No Way

And it only mostly works...


This is so devastating.

And there are all kinds of crazy things going on in Aussie. A lot of wildfires happening apparently too.

I have to be honest...

This die-off of biblical proportions is making me ponder the mystical/spiritual meaning behind cows...

It's definitely a serious sign.

11:00 I'd like to stroke that giant quartz.

1:14 Rex sounds so happy. He's got such a great attitude.

Like I totally wouldn't be that happy walking around in that shit.

I feel like it's sort of the novelty of the experience with him because he used to live in Texas or whatever.
3:50 LMAO.
How have I never seen this dude before?
These are my kind of channels!!!

He is awesome, you need to marry THIS guy! :D

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