The Leak Project
I've had people take a big drizzly shit on my excitement before, I'm in no way trying to do that to Rex...

But I'm just being honest about how I see things and how I know other people see things, because obviously I am excellent at reading people and it's not my fault I know what they're thinking...

Sure, what they're thinking is irrelevant to your own happiness, BUT...

Don't try to include them in situations when they really may not wanna be included because that then impedes upon their own personal "space" (will and preference).
Rexy baby just needs a lil more experience, that's all.
Somebody in the comments section of that vid asked if an ‘8 ball came with the purchase’, which IS kinda funny but it also got me to thinking...

Rex is such a health nut, surely he’d never do any bad drugs. I think he smokes weed, but it’s CO, it’s legal. It’s probably ridiculous to even think he might do drugs. But... then I got to thinking about some of the dudes he hangs out with. They’re... well SOME of them are super skinny and DO kinda look like drug addicts. Rex appears to have lost weight recently. I dunno, I just... gotta say what I’m thinking.

DJ Ransom probably isn’t the culprit, pretty sure he’s a weed guy and he looks healthier than some of Rex’s other friends. Man I dunno, I’m just saying.

Rex seemed above and beyond stoked in that vid, the energy was super unstable and I’ve never seen him quite that amped before. I just hope it was natural... hopefully nobody’s got him doing cocaine or some shit like that.
Gah and I mean if it WAS natural and he really was just super stoked, I feel like an asshole for saying all this but...

I’ve been wondering what’s the deal with his weight recently because he’s never been too big to begin with so losing more weight, yeah. Just not a good thing. I’ve even wondered if maybe he was unwell. But he still runs around and stuff so I figured he must be fine in that regard.

I dunno. I REALLY like Rex, always have. Honestly always have. But I’ve never been one to hold back from expressing my concerns.
Like yeah, he IS a health nut... but I feel like anybody can fall victim to drug use, especially if there are unhealthy influences/people in their lives.
That person’s comment really got to me because it wasn’t the typical “bro are you on drugs” kinda dumb comment...

To me it came off as a comment of recognition. Recognizing the spirit and behavior of certain drugs is a real thing people can do because of their own experience with the drugs.

Again, I hope I’m wrong, but I’m just saying.

He should NOT be inviting people on this expedition...

Not just like random people from the audience.

Most people aren't gonna be able to hike that shit, LOL!

Nooo way this is a good idea... no way at all.
I had to tap out and unsub at the time of the "mountain condo selling" vid.
Just thought "well, here we go. all downhill now."
He'd been kind of skirting weird territory for a while at that point anyway.
I don't have any hard feelings or think "fuck that guy" but I'm just not feeling it anymore.
The Leak Project, I mean. I wish him well though. He's always seemed like a genuinely nice dude.

I took a crack at the "new van" video and made it 2mins and 2secs in. Uh.... yeah....
Rex needs some downtime from all that colostrum. God please just let it be colostrum. : /

I'll take your word on the hiking expedition vids, haha.
Yeah that mountain resort thing was pretty WTF wasn't it??

They almost HAD to be on drugs to come up with that one...

I ain't hatin', I'm just sayin'.

And some of the dudes (his friends) I was talking about earlier that look like drug addicts...

They were in that vid.
Rex has always had... erm, big dreams.

As far as I can tell he hasn't ever straight up sold out... which I have found surprising, since way back in the day, I criticized his approach pretty heavily. I deemed it greedy and money hungry. Doing things just for the money.

But after seeing him develop Leak Project and stay respectable with it at least up til present day, I think I understand his intentions a little better. Is he safe from selling out? No... (in my opinion) there isn't a person alive who is above selling out under the right conditions. Get 'em on a bad day and ya never know.

He didn't sound like he was on drugs in those two vids I posted today though... so maybe he was just naturally super amped after all. Gotta say though, I'll be keeping an eye out from now on.
If he didn't have those weird druggie lookin' friends, I'd probably never seriously consider the fact that he could be on drugs.
I'll exclude DJ Ransom from that grouping though because like I said... I just don't get any vibes off him of anything more than weed, and he looks fine as far as health and weight.
I could be wrong about the whole nine yards though...


Oh this MILF wants to slob on Rex's knob HARRRRRRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'd let her, I ain't even gonna lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its like he picked up a hooker and it became story time after they did the nasty

This is an excellent discussion on the subject of health and mindset.
It's an extremely powerful discussion...

I typically don't watch these videos where he's interviewing a sponsor because I just view it as an attempt to sell some shit...

And obviously it is.

But the conversation they're having has nothing to do with that today...

Not really.

This an important broadcast and I really wonder if it will actually be allowed to stay up.
Take the best and leave the rest.

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