The Leak Project
Bwahahahaha, RIGHT?!?!?

Rex is awesome, super likable dude.

His energy is totally amazing...

I love his news reporting.

I consider him one of the best alternative news sources.

We recently caught him attempting to assimilate to the borg though... he attended a YouTube meeting in Chicago.

But he still seems to be okay for right now, doesn't seem like he's hardcore sold out yet. Hopefully he won't...

I've known this guy for a LONG time, circa 2010, and it would be pretty devastating if he sold out.

31:00 what he fuckin' said.
32:00 I'm ready for a leap of faith.
40:50 addresses habit/pattern breaking.


Drool 2

It must have been gorgeous with all that shallow water.
Or maybe it wasn't shallow... but that's what it seemed like he was saying at the beginning.

I have a shallow water fetish.
Everything is relative...

I guess if you're a bigass dinosaur, it would be more shallow.
27:22 - 30:05 I totally wanna hang out with these guys.
(03-16-2019, 03:17 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I have a shallow water fetish.

I have Post-Baptismal Stress Disorder too.

Just kidding. The dunking didn't bother me at all. It was standing outside with wet hair in the dead of winter afterwards that brought on my intense loathing of mankind.

*briefly ponders the concept of residual trauma due to baptism*

Rex coming to one of the most boring and shit-tastic areas of the country is the most exciting thing that has happened in those places for decades.

America does have some dismal fucking areas, and that's one of them.
1:58 they're committing suicide.

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