Anybody had sex with a midget or a dwarf?
Let me know.
No but if she was cool and pretty i would not discount her
How tall are you anyway ?
I'm 5'4".

But I mean LEGIT dwarves or midgets here...

So like anything under 4'10".

I have seen like one legit dwarf in my life.

And I have a cousin who is technically a dwarf though, but she's 4'10" and I feel like you gotta be under 4'10" to actually be a dwarf in my opinion. That is totally made up by me though.

I mean you basically never see midgets.

You may see a dwarf or two, but midgets, super rare.

I'm really curious.

Not that I personally want to have sex with a dwarf or midget.

I talked to this dude once who had a dwarf/midget fetish.

I'm wondering now what exactly was wrong with him.

That's way weirder than the foot fetish thingy.

And I mean... I feel like sex with midgets and dwarves would be a lot more respectable if you didn't have a fetish for it.

If you have a fetish for it, then it's just kind of creepy.
I've worked with one she was well grounded and very analytical, I don't think she was really a dwarf or a midget but I would look up to her.
Are you guys going to start a band called the Paraphilias?

LOL, I low key hate myself right now.

Dude midget girls are fuckin' LOOOOADDDEEDDD.

Look at that mad hip action, fuckin' damn.

Serve me up some of that bitesized goodness!!!
No shade, but midget dudes are not hot compared to midget chicks.

These midget chicks are built like a brick fucking shithouse man!!!

Look at that!!!

Even the ugly ones are kinda hot!!!

Dude OMG...

I think I'm midgetsexual.

Lookit them meaty fuckin' legs!!!

Don't act like that shit don't look good!!!
Midget girls got ASS!!!

For days and weeks!!!


Wow, y'all.


LMFAO, Britney Spears midget impersonator...

I wish Gigi Hadid was a midget, that'd be great.

*walks up to Gigi Hadid*

"I wish you were a midget."
Fuck dwarves, I'm straight up team midget now.
I feel like I would make a pretty hot midget.


I would be so meaty and would have super mad hips.


I would be so hot.

I have the perfect face for it too.
Dude if I was a midget, I would capitalize on it SO HARD.

Thank you.

Genuinely and deeply...

Thank you.
My sensual midget body would be like no other.

I dare say I would be the most beautiful lady midget of all time.
Story of my life.
Admit it, Trix, you just want to be smaller so that all the guys you meet will have monster cocks.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
I don't think it would work that way. A midgets perspective is as constant as anyone's. So if you have a small dick it will still be a small dick even if a midget is looking at it. LOL
Truth is the impression of reality words create.
Yeah, what he said.

This isn't about dick size, you fucking perverts.

Vienna sausage dick is just as effective as any other, so stop being size queens.

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