Goats are so fucking cute...
Especially baby goats!!!

Goats are actually beautiful, look it up.

Humans are the only animals on this planet that suck.

Except for coyotes... they're a bunch of assholes.
I really do think that baby goats are the cutest things. They're amazingly playful and sure of foot. It's hard to believe that a hoofed animal could have such great climbing abilities.
They have beautiful hair. The beards are just gorgeous... http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-OGugmO45E8I/Up...ohnson.jpg

That's what wins goats over in my heart... they're so special. Fuck I love animals, they're so innocent. Pure and true beings.
This planet really trips me out with its vast array of lifeforms...

Absolutely stunning.

I firmly believe that all the life on earth is reflection of all the other life in the solar system and beyond.

I think here on earth, everything that's in the entire universe is represented.

Inside out, as above so below. It's all here.
I feel the same way about animals. They're so precious and innocent.

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