I hate it when people make a new YouTube channel when they already have one...
It's so obnoxious.

YOU are your NICHE on YOUTUBE.

That's the fucking POINT of YOUTUBE.

Whatever you want to put on your channel is what is supposed to be on your channel...

Don't start a new channel just because you want to talk about "another topic".

One YouTube channel is an umbrella, it's a catch all for everything.

Like when people who make random fucking videos anyways start a channel for some specific genre... 

Really?? What?? Why?? 

Okay so you want 30 or 40 of your 500 subscribers to follow you over to a channel you'll probably never update and is under a niche they don't give a fuck about anyway? Brilliant!

Make those videos and put them on your channel. End of story. If your subscribers don't care about that topic, they won't watch the video. WHO CARES???

I hate it when people who make random as fuck BS videos then go and create a "Vlogging channel" like there's really ANY FUCKING DIFFERENCE between one random BS video and another random BS video. 

I don't want to have to keep up with ONE PERSON on a bunch of different channels. LOL!!!

I mean I get it... some people have channels that have been around since before they started posting videos of themselves. Like take me for example, there's my music video channel that's been around for several years, but doesn't feature me on the channel whatsoever. So years down the line when I wanted to actually put MYSELF in videos, it went without saying that I would create another channel to do that.


But if you ALREADY post random videos of yourself on a channel, there's NO REASON TO MAKE A NEW CHANNEL if you want to post MORE RANDOM FUCKING VIDEOS. OMG. 

Do you have a specific niche? Cool, post it on your channel. Do you want to make vlogs? Cool, post them on the channel you already have. BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO FOLLOW YOU TO A VLOG CHANNEL. And no one wants to follow you to a second channel FOR NO FUCKING REASON.

Is your main channel about to get deleted? Fine, make another channel and tell your subscribers to go subscribe to the new one. That's WARRANTED.

Do you make videos about stuff, but you want to make more videos about other stuff? THEN PUT THEM ALL ON ONE CHANNEL YOU SILLY FUCKER... your 50 subscribers aren't going to follow you to your new channel. 

I've been wanting to say this for a long time.

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