alien porn
MO i am imagining you  starring in a  movie  where you are   in your house filing your nails   and wearing  a cute summer dress  .  You are pondering whether or not to go adopt a kitten  but your fear of  the toxoplasmosis  just won't let you .Then you are mumbling  some crazy things about  alex jones  not giving you the attention you crave even though you offered to  serve as his maid .  There is a big dog at your feet  snoozing   when suddenly  the room becomes very bright from an exterior light source and the dog starts to whimper .You  jump to your feet and  rush  to the door to have a peek  outside   thinking it is the police  surrounding your house  of ill repute  .  But to your shock you  see that an alien spacecraft has landed  right by  the tennis court and grassy knoll in front of your mansion  , incredibly bright  yet welcoming lights   adorn the craft  .  You are too curious and must step outside   to  investigate  .  Just for fun you pick up  a tennis ball and throw it at the  spaceship  but instead of bouncing off the side    it disappears  ,  just gets absorbed right into the texture of the ship .   Well that really gets you excited and you move closer .  Suddenly a large door opens and a sexy ramp unfolds like   they have  at fashion shows  . First thing you notice is the wonderful smell of Jasmine , coconut oil and  a massage table   .    You exclaim : " yessss , my first alien  encounter  "   and start  prancing up the ramp  .  Your big dog watches from the living room window  , he is scared .
"Grassy knoll" ROFLMAOLOL.

(07-29-2017, 08:44 AM)Lucas Wrote: Your big dog watches from the living room window  , he is scared .

Awww dude no, that's sad!!! The dog should be sensing that my greatest dreams are coming true, and be happy about it!!!!
On the real though, Alex should have married me. I would have been such a better choice and I'm a ride or die kinda bitch... there through thick and thin.

We could have even had threesomes with Paul Joseph Watson... I wouldn't have been jealous.
Close encounters of the sex kind
(07-29-2017, 05:23 PM)Guest Wrote: Close encounters of the sex kind


That may be my favorite part.

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