good british documentary on the oddballs and free spirits  mostly wandering   the deserts 
LOLOL, selling blowjobs to truckers. Holy shit. Man. Wow.

This looks like a great documentary, thanks for sharing.

LOL... awww. That poor hitchhiker dude was crazy/on drugs and scared the shit out of the people who picked him up. But the hitchhiker dude was scared as fuck too. Awww... man it's a crazy world out there, perception is a bitch!!! He said they were crackheads, but he was probably a crackhead too.

"Even the buddhists want guns out here!" ROFL.

7:45 LOL, this old dude is awesome. Totally agreed man, can't let the bitches tie you down!!!

"Chronic wanderlust"... ah, what terminology. I feel that, I really do.

This shit is making me wanna go to the desert!!!
11:00 I dig this documentary nomad dude, he's chill AF and pretty hot too, he's got a nice strong nose. I like it!

Hell yeah, boondocking is the way to go!!! Only pussies need electricity!!!

Sell the house and buy an RV?!? Damn!!! That IS drastic!!! Pft! Sounds like a noob mistake too!!! Sell the house and buy a van!!! Stealth!!! Amirite or amirite though!!!

12:20, dude that custom plate bragging about leaving nothing to their kids... ROFL. Das cold. Yeah it's a nice RV, but I hope they have some land and saved enough money to build a roof over it... ;)

Dude who would have the balls to drive that massive fucker on the road?? Screw that.
14:00... you can really tell this fatass RV dude and the documentary nomad guy are hella astrologically incompatible. The documentary dude is 100% judging this fatass RV guy right now. He's totally not impressed. He knows they're noobs too. Let's face it, only noobs would go around with a license plate like that.

14:40 there's something overtly sexual about this documentary guy. He's very lusty. I think he's trying to start an orgy.

Untethering from family/responsibility/obligations sounds great, everybody should do it, don't wait to be old!!!

15:40 see this documentary guy is doing it right!!! Pickup, camper shell, fuck yeah!!! Van is still better obviously, but he's being true to himself!!!

27:55 ew I can't believe he's letting these nasty young nomads stay in the camper shell with their poor dog!!! At least they take some out of their drug money to buy it dog food though!!! Don't know why he's including these people in the documentary, these aren't nomads so much as they are homeless by choice hooligans. There's a difference between nomads and these people. And there's a difference between the homeless, and the homeless by choice.
29:00 dude Slab City is trashed up AF. That's sad, fuckers should have more respect for the land. 30:15, next to artillery testing ranges?!?!? Random explosions?? Um fuck no, thanks!!!

Dude these hairy freaked out hippies are turning me on.

LMFAO, Slab City looks like a great place to get hooked on heroin and lose all hope in life. ROFL... :(

33:30 see now we're gonna talk some real shit with a guy who's run the gambit and really gets it. He shouldn't be in Slab City though. LOL. 34:15 he's got a great sense of humor, smart dude!

OMG, he even calls himself an "Idaho Redneck"!!! It's fucking true, Idaho taught me there are rednecks ALL OVER the country, not just the south!!!

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