Donald Absolute Total Motherfucking Trump
Can you feel the level of greatness rising in this nation?

Oh I do.

It's a long way up from the bottom my friends, but we've started the climb.

The magnitude of total liberal butthurt this morning absolutely hilarious. They're still playing all the sorry, worn out cards they always have. The death throes of an obsolete demographic. SJWs... rust in pieces. They just broke in on Whoopi's loser whining with Hillary's concession speech. Ahahaha... that shit must hurt real bad.
LOL. Kaine is such a goofy looking doof. I can't believe ANYONE thought these two assclowns could ever hold the highest office in the land. Hysterical.
LOL, Bill is behind her looking like, "Fuck I'm so glad this bitch didn't win."
LOL, Hillary is gonna have to beat up a whole lot of staff today before she fires them. They're probably counting their lucky stars.
Throw an ashtray at somebody Hillary. You'll feel better there sweetie. Ahahahaha. Awww man. The gods have smiled upon us today and it is beautiful.
What the fuck was that music?? Was that the "evil dude" jingle from Westerns!? LMFAO.
She's been fighting back the tears the whole time. Ah man. Those libtard tears are the absolute most sweet. I'll be holding the bucket in spirit to catch the flood of delicious drops of defeat when she goes off stage.
She better order a closet full of orange "pantsuits". Get a closet full of orange burkas for her main bitch Huma too. Might as well be locked up in style.
inb4 obama pardons her... and hum a wiener... and basically all the rest of the federal `government` and the cronies operating on behalf of the few select families controlling this farce.
It's a great day for America!

She had to get up there and admit that Donald Trump kicked her ass. I forget what word she used specifically, but it was just hilarious and her eyes were red. Glory... absolute glory.

Donald, I always knew you would be our 45th President. I had to wait over a year to see this beautiful day and I never doubted you. I never doubted your victory. And when that beautiful First Family took the stage proudly beside him, a beautiful vision I'd had months ago was fulfilled. I told people, and they wanted to believe. But they had doubts. Yesterday, we reached out and touched faith. I always knew...


She really is so disgusting. I'm so glad she's done now. There's no running for her ever again.
I just love hearing them call her "Secretary Clinton". I noticed in the second debate when Donald slapped that title on her, I got the feeling he was keeping her "in her place" and I knew then she would never go by any higher title.

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