This morning I woke up and...
Saw my beautiful naked body...

I was like, "WTF?"

Then I remembered my name.

All the while, I was nervous....

Like a guy must feel before he asks a pretty girl on a date.

I was nervous to be me...

The feeling passed quickly as I settled in to my reality in those waking moments.

I got up earlier than usual and decided to take myself out for some fun.

I've had these strange waking moments a few times in the past... it's rare.

I wake up, see some part of my body, and I'm shocked to be a girl.

As if where I'd come from just before waking, I wasn't a girl at all. 

It's a pleasant surprise... the feeling is bizarre and very fleeting as consciousness takes over.

I have been amazed so many times in the past that we wake up every day as who we were 'the day before'...

Life, a great mystery.
waking , waking , WANKING is more like it sugartits
LMFAO @ the beautiful simplicity of that post.

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