Drinking seltzer water and sparkling mineral water instead of regular soda...
Nodding Yes 
It's delicious...

I love the lemon/lime flavored ones, they're the best. They've got a lot of flavors to choose from but the best one is lime or lemon/lime.

What really disgusts me though is that they actually make this stuff in a bunch of different flavors with aspartame...

I just can't believe they would actually sully seltzer water with sugar in the first place, let alone that nasty poisonous fake shit.

Another reason I love seltzer water is because you can spill it everywhere and it doesn't even matter because it's clear and there's no sugar in it so it doesn't even get sticky.

It's the best!!! So refreshing!!! Totally satisfies any urge for soda.

And the other great part is because it's got no sugar, it doesn't hurt your teeth or make your mouth all dirty.

Love it!!!

So the difference between seltzer water and sparkling mineral water is the water used. Seltzer water, who knows where the hell they get that. But the sparkling mineral water is spring water, so it's got minerals and whatnot in it. This means it's potentially even good for you, whereas regular soda can never be good for you.

We should really only drink water. But if we want a special treat, seltzer water/sparkling water is the best option. Just look at the ingredients and make sure there is no fake sugar.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
OMG it's sooooooo fizzy...


It's so much fizzier than regular soda.

It's so good and so much more delicious.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

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