watch your drinks  and don't let some stranger blow  toward your face ,lol  

dude i think i wanna grow one of these trees just to see if this shit is real  ! 

Oh yeah, heard about this stuff!

I don't believe in leaving drinks unattended for any amount of time. If I do have to leave it unattended I won't drink any more of it.

If anybody gets all weird around my food or drink, I will avoid that shit. If I leave it unattended then I won't eat/drink any more.

And I definitely wouldn't let somebody else get my drink/food for me... like outside of an actual waiter/etc. kinda scenario.

You can never be too careful.

In some situations you can't even trust the waiters. You really gotta judge it by the situation/setting.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
holy shit they give scopolamine for motion sickness

they are turning folks into zombies


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