Teal Swan is right.
(12-16-2018, 12:39 AM)GG Wrote: She's so sexy and beautiful. I love her voice. I love women that are intelligent and well spoken like her. I love her little hint of a smile from the side of her mouth when she says certain things. She's awesome.

She's super sexy for sure.

She has a lot of great knowledge.

A lot of people have tried to discredit her and say she's just a wannabe cult leader.

In my opinion, she has less of a distracting ego than other 'spiritual gurus'...

Like for example, Bentinho "Cultboy" Massaro....


That's a legit wannabe cult leader right there.

I still agree with a lot of what he says, but it's not like he invented the truth or anything.
she sounds like a hot dirty milf. i woul so bust a nut

Hmmm, geez. This is kinda different from the sorta stuff she usually does. Wonder what's up with this?

0:53 first of all he's wearing a nice shirt. It's nice.

Is this someone that Teal knows? Is she trying to get this guy some attention?

It's all pretty intriguing and I'm only a minute into the video.

That's a pretty sad story, I don't find it hard to believe at all.

2:14 I mean so far this guy seems pretty great.

2:45 I'm starting to see him as pretty attractive at this point.

I totally agree with the guy. Everything he said was right on.

If this is someone she's showing us because she wants to get him some attention, then I don't see anything wrong with that because the guy seems pretty right on and straightforward.

So what's the deal? Why is Teal showing us this?

3:38 oh my God...

What the fuck Teal??





Oh man, wow.

Really sprang that one on us. REALLY FUCKING SPRANG THAT ONE ON US TEAL.

You know what...

Here's what I say to that...

Even people who do horrific things CAN KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT LIFE, EXISTENCE, AND SUCCESS.

His subsequent actions (which, I'm sorry, but I'm KIIINDA skeptical about the validity of TBH) don't detract from or invalidate ANYTHING he said.

Because just like I always say... he didn't INVENT the truth. He just put it into his own words, and shared it. That's all.

And that has VALUE. Sorry, but it does. No matter what he went on to do, it still has value.

So that is my perception of him and the whole thing, Teal.

Now what does Teal have to say?

4:20 okay I'm rewatching, and I mean... I don't see him any differently. I just don't.

If anything, I will say this... it's quite possible he was traumatized by knowing what happened to his father. It could have shaped him and impacted him quite a lot, even though he wasn't even born yet at the time.

Perhaps he was seeking to understand what it was like? But will Teal go there with this?

I'm very interested to see what she has to say... it's a very interesting video she's put together for us today.

Also I will say this...

Those curtains are ugly as fuck. I was willing to excuse the curtains before, but now that I know what I know about him, I gotta say... he should have gone for, just, something else.

The only thing that strikes me even remotely weird about this guy is his smile at the end... I dunno, just, it's so vague though, and you can't see it for long so it really doesn't give all that much info. It's just strange, like I said.

I mean that's really it... those are really all my feelings on the second watch. The smile caught my attention at the end of the first watch too, so. I mean again, it's not a determining factor, it's just an oddity.




So the thing about it is...

I was originally right, this is somebody Teal knows.

I mean, that much seemed pretty apparent from the start, she just wants to get him some attention.

But if I were him, I wouldn't want her to use me like that in this video. Meh!


Like, what did you expect?! Did you expect everybody to be like, "OMG HE LOOKS LIKE A SERIAL KILLER, I CAN'T BELIEVE I COULDN'T TELL THE FIRST TIME!!!" LOL... like no.

Jeez, now I'm curious about what the people in the comments section are gonna say. Like, did anyone REALLY see him any differently the second time around??

7:50 I mean, the thing is... the guy is RIGHT. LOL! Everything he said is true. I mean, for it being some kinda "BS video" with no ACTUAL inspiration, he actually made it clearer and more precise than most people I've ever fucking seen trying to "help people" and "enlighten people"... Teal included.

I'm just being honest.

People in the comments are mostly saying they immediately got a disingenuous vibe from the guy on the first watch... and I won't say I felt that, but he did have that "I'm a motivational speaker" kinda vibe. Like a "life coach game face" kinda vibe. They all do that.

I mean, I personally think the guy has potential and that's no BS!

8:00 LMFAO TEAL. It wasn't that impactful, chicka! I mean it was cool and interesting or whatever. I would have preferred him to ACTUALLY be a murderer, that would have been a lot MORE interesting. But whatever! It still wasn't some kinda shit where it's like, "OMG I'm forever changed by this!" Like, no. LOL!

Now perhaps if I had ACTUALLY perceived some kind of difference in him on the second watch, maybe I would have felt like it had more impact. I can see that being the case.

And that leads me to wonder... how many people actually did perceive a difference in him? From the comments section, I don't really see that many people having been gung-ho against the guy on the second go-around. But maybe this video is just for the smallish number of people who did.

Teal is adorable though, super endearing, I really like her and I always have TBH.
teal swan is my little slut girlfriend , she is a good storyteller ...my little sexy pied piper

we travel from town to town basically relieving the peasants of their savings

after her big speech she is chauffeured back to our deluxe hotel suite whereupon she eats and gets wasted

then i go to town on her hot little body

she loves anal more than regular sex , analyze that bitches

4:40 interesting points.

That was a great video.

0:28 see I would completely agree with Teal if she had just left it at "to be seen".

Because that's a TRUE STATEMENT.

But it's not true that everyone wants to see themselves as "good".

It's not true at all.
She's mostly right though.
Why the encircled triangle behind you teal . you laughing demon.

Teal is such a babe.

2:00 I totally agree with her.

Energy changes so fast, the less time it takes to finish a piece, the better.
Teal mentions the "Community" a few times in this vid...

So does she live in one of those fruitloop intentional communities??

That would be sooo... agh, annoying. It would just be so annoying to live in one of those communities.

I totally agree with Teal about this.

13:00 sounds a lot like pain in general... awakening (making aware of) through antagonizing.

15:00 I think the best thing you can do when faced with any type of deadly illness is to run away... an extreme shakeup in life called for whether one lives or dies. If you're going to die, why not do it experiencing external circumstances you've never experienced before? A sense of freedom you've maybe never enjoyed before? If you're going to die anyway... why not take the chance that doing something completely different to what you'd normally do could improve your health?

19:00 excellent points, she's so right... and it's basically the same essence of what I explained above.

20:40 YES, FUCK yes. That's what I just said. Absolutely dude... she's absolutely fucking right.

7:20 I think she's absolutely right.
Teal looks like the Xena: Warrior Princess of the esoteric community.
How do you feel Teal has made your life better? What do you know about her, how does she talk to a store clerk? Did she give a pair of gloves to a person with cold hands. How does she treat the poor, does she give alms. Is she dominant in sex, or submissive, what is the truth. Lately she has this laugh, and when you hear it you know she is lost for words? The thing is, in the end what does Teal do but create a following, and what does her followers do to help humanity? The true future of change exists in the rubber trampers, not a person getting facials in a house, with a couple of guys licking her feet and keeping her bed warm.

Now personally, I see it as a good thing. So if she can temp people to not see spirit as it should be seen, and take more people off track, and to block them from finding truth, through a bunch of mixed up new age regurgitated crap, then she has certainly done a good task right?

So I asked Marduk about her, Soverign, what is up with Teal, what is her story? Answer, She is minding her business, that is her story. LOL. I guess that meant, hands off.

But it is not like she creates her own weather systems like me, and had a 30 km wide aura, causing rips in the veil if I turn around too fast in a vehicle, or cable TV internet outages when I hit a new town. She really by in large, is not picking up more power. She might be a energy vampire, sucking some soul energy from her viewers, but I am not sure about that yet.

She is interesting for sure, it will be interesting is she gets a LION on the hook.
(02-17-2019, 04:09 AM)abyssdweller Wrote: So I asked Marduk about her, Soverign, what is up with Teal


(02-17-2019, 04:09 AM)abyssdweller Wrote: But it is not like she creates her own weather systems like me, and had a 30 km wide aura, causing rips in the veil if I turn around too fast in a vehicle, or cable TV internet outages when I hit a new town.

Let me guess, you're a Scorpio.

7:21 she's right you know.

I moved the video window slightly out of frame so I couldn't see that weird hypnotizing thing in the top left corner.

4:50 that's definitely true.

6:30 I don't do the whole '12 dimensions' thing. I think constraining things that way is totally ridiculous. But the essence of what she's saying is still right.

13:20 oh shit, did Teal just call me a narcissist?? Good thing she's only an extension of me.

15:50 TBH she’s right.
Nah. Teal swan is tight. Honestly all i can think when i watch her is getting her nude, so what 'medication' does a guy slip in her drink so she talks less but doesnt pass out...i was thinking scopolamine?
Dancing Banana 



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