Teal Swan is right.

Teal is so right.

I wonder where she films her videos.

She does them in front of a green screen (sometimes).

I feel like she's filming in a garage.

She uses two box lights, you can see them in her eyes.

So she has a camera to her right, one in front of her, and two lights on either side in front of her.

Thank God for the double speed option on YouTube though.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
Somebody left a comment that the 'vibe' didn't seem right in the video, and a lot of people agreed.

I notice Teal does her intro and outro slightly differently now.

People are blaming Mercury retrograde.

But actually I think it's just the wearing on of time...

I think people want to expand and bust out.

Ralph Smart and Teal have made videos together in the past...


So they're synched up enough to be relevant to each other's experiences.

Ralph has been going through a thing with his channel lately were everyone is prettymuch bored of his stuff, he's bored of it, but he's also scared because he doesn't know what to do...

His first video that went viral was a totally random situation, and he probably never understood the dynamics behind how/why that happened in the first place.

But he's been trying to replicate that ever since. The farthest he got in understanding it was that he had to be totally genuine and honest with his message.

So he kept doing that, but then he sort of plateaued and then shit got boring...

He's trying the old way and hoping it'll just keep working, but it's not.

There's some forced expansion going on here.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

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