Global interests are pitting races and religions against each other like a game...


Thank God.


I am no fan of Millie Weaver, but I will tell you what...

I wouldn't want her sweet ass to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

She's got a little babychild. She really shouldn't be attending ANY event of this nature... ever.

It's a good call by Millie and THANK GOD she is smart enough to see this.


She's right...

Trump et al need to start calling Antifa for what they are: TERRORISTS.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

Joe Biggs is insisting on going to Boston's "free speech" event...

I feel like he's making an ego-based mistake right here.

ADL talking about the "free speech" event...

I mean come on, they have been sponsoring dissent left and right lately...

Joe Biggs says he wants to "get out and talk to people"?

Do what man?

You wanna get out and "talk to" a bunch of BUSSED IN, BOUGHT AND PAID FOR ACTORS??

Yeah that sounds like a great idea...

Come on Joe.

ADL has basically funded YouTube's downfall in hopes of controlling the narrative while this shit goes down.

Joe is fucking wrong... he is wrong about this.

You can get "pissed off" all you want, Joe, but walking into TRAPS set up by GLOBALIST funds is IGNORANT. It's a mistake.

I bet a whole lot of unsavory people are watching Joe's social media and are very glad to hear this.

Not good.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
Dude I'm sooo fucking tired I can hardly watch this shit anymore tonight...

What the fuck is happening in the world right now.

How am I more on Millie's side than I am on Alex's side right now.


How is this happening and what the fuck is happening and why is this happening.

And what is happening and why is this happening.

What the fuck is happening.

I can't handle this.

I am unplugging.

I am unplugging tonight.

I can't handle it.


Holy shit.

Do you see what is going on with Millie right now??

Do you see this shit??

Do you see this SEPARATION that is happening right now??

There is a breaking off happening right now.

Joe Biggs is breaking off from the smart crowd of truth reporters.

Millie Weaver is breaking off from Alex Jones.

She's breaking off from this.

Alex is saying that 'more events' need to be 'organized' and 'smarter'.

Millie isn't liking that rhetoric and frankly neither am I.

Millie is saying go FULL INTERNET, use the FULL FORCE of information.

After all it is an INFORMATION WAR is it not, ALEX?????


I can't handle it.

I'm on Millie's side and I can't handle it.

*stares at Alex*

What the FUCK is happening to you right now??

Who the FUCK are you right now??

I'm out.

I can't take it, I am done for the day, I'm tapping out, I'm done.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
Soros has been funding this crap since before the fergason riots. It is specifically designed to create division and bring the US down for his "Perfect society, New World Order".
Truth is the impression of reality words create.
Occupy Wall Street was Soros funded and apparently this Jason Kessler guy was at the forefront of those events too.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
And that fake protest and organized violence was created in 2011 during the 2012 campaign year. To do the same thing Charlotte was designed to do. Undermine The US through division and violence. Class division for Occupy. Now they have gotten bolder. The DNC and Soros paid special interests are outright recruiting and training them to instigate violence.
Truth is the impression of reality words create.
I just read the long article by George Soros 'capitalism versus open society' and honestly I think the guy has gotten a bad rap , he is actually very conservative and hates the moral degradation in society today and ascribes most of the fault to this rigid capitalism we have adhered to since the Raygun era mostly because the agents(politicians,bankers , etc.) of capitalism have become so corrupted with self interest . However I must say his 'agents' that organize these staged protests are pretty vile to say the least . He wants society returning to ethics and morals , pretty laughable when you observe those antifa characters , though the thought occurred that maybe those groups themselves are being infiltrated by capitalist interests to smear them .
I have made one clip video intended to allow the viewer to make up his own mind based on the actual words of George Soros. They are selected words, but they are his words. Watch then talk to me about George Soros.

Truth is the impression of reality words create.

God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

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