My mom says the new season of American Horror Story (Cult) is pure and total shit...
Dancing Banana 
She said she watched a few episodes and claims it's even worse than season 6 (Roanoke), which we didn't even think was possible... read about that here:

I will be watching the first episode with her today. I won't be reviewing it as I watch like I normally do...

But I will share my thoughts about it on this thread. I am sure it will be complete garbage.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
Alright so...

Apparently my mom says she originally started watching this season from episode 5 and that's why she thought it sucked. LMFAO. She also said she doesn't like it because it's too violent and she thinks that's ridiculous. Upon watching it in the right order, she says it's better than she originally thought.

But anyway, we watched the first 5 episodes... and I really went in thinking it would be absolute total garbage.

I knew it was going to be highly politicized and I figured it would be solid leftist hysteria against Trump, etc. And what they actually have done, at least with the first 5 episodes is make everyone on every side look like hysterical morons. It's actually hilarious.

So far I think the season is totally excellent and well done. It's dumb as shit in a few aspects. Like the clown thing... that's just stupid, I'm sorry, but it totally is. Like dumb as shit. Just like the pig head men in season 6 were fucking dumb as shit. But it's an allegory, so whatever, that's fine.

Another thing I notice about the season is that it's heavily spun around the Smiley Face Killer, and it seems to weave that in with the killer clown thingy that's been going on lately. I think that is pretty interesting.

The other thing seems to be an allegory about society being a cult, and they play all sides to exemplify this. They've done really well with that.

After Roanoke (season 6), I figured they'd never do anything good again. I am pleasantly surprised with what I've seen of this season so far BUT...

I also think they could be trolling. And for that reason I am hesitant to definitively say it's excellent and simply leave it at that with no caveat. They may begin steering the show in a really bad direction from here, it's hard to imagine they would actually carry through with making a good season because it was so clear last season that they totally sold out. So I would have to assume they have terrible plans for the show/plot. Also, Lena Dunham is going to be in an upcoming episode... so that can only mean that it's pure and total sold out crap. I don't trust the fuckers at all and for that reason I will decline at least at this point to give it my unabated approval.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
I just watched the newest episode...

Agh, God I love this show.

I hesitate...

I still hesitate, I don't trust 'em.

But so far it is SOOO fucking good.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

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