corey feldmans band
wow , its so bad you can't look away .. i woulda thought he might at least pay some girls that could sing to back him up  

the hollywood people must have cut him off  

His obsession with Michael Jackson is freaky.

But really it's like...

I could sing better than those bitches.

His voice is fine.

But what the fuck is with the chicks.

I mean dude what the fuck.

Are they all just high as absolute total fuck?

I feel like THEY'RE high and HE'S not.


Talk about ass backward.

It's like some shit on karaoke night.

2:00 OMG.

I can't take any more...

*exits browser followed by vigorous and irresponsible use of Q-tips*
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

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