I demand that Apple bring back the headphone jack on all future iPhones...
This is non-negotiable.

The headphone jack must be reinstated on future iPhones.

You are half your former glory, Apple.

Since Steve died, you have gone to shit.

Any redeeming qualities you possess have dwindled away with every release you've made since his death.

You are disappointing.

You are no longer that cool anymore.

When you do stupid shit like removing a foundational feature of any device which is used to play music, the headphone jack...

You lose support. You do damage to your company.

You make people seriously doubt your judgement and intentions.

You make people look to other brands and companies...

Ones which aren't dumb enough to remove such an important feature from their incredibly successful devices.

Turn back from this idiocy, or lose.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
Yeah, that's a BS move on their part.

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