Lucian Ilea has completely lost his fucking mind...
I'm pretty sure he's living alone in the apartment in which he records, I watched more videos than I'm proud to admit and saw no trace of someone other than him inside. I mean, I doubt he'd be able to take care of her considering the state of the room in which he records. If there was yet another person taking care of her, I doubt they'd let his room get in the state it is right now.
hopefully the big bad wolf didn't attack his granny

looks like he gets wound up pretty easy like my big brother who has attacked my sisters
He's talked about living with his grandmother...

He does live with her, and I'm sure he doesn't take care of her. And other than paying the rent (somehow), I doubt she takes care of him either.

I get the impression that she is the only family who was ever able/willing to take him in...

I get the impression that their life there is incredibly modest, that they have no one, and that without his grandmother still living, he will absolutely be homeless.
(08-30-2019, 04:19 PM)Shenanigans Wrote: I'm pretty sure he's living alone in the apartment in which he records, I watched more videos than I'm proud to admit and saw no trace of someone other than him inside.

Has he ever moved the camera and showed the rest of the property?

Because I have not seen him show any location (whatsoever) other than the backdrop that is in all his videos since 2006.

If you have seen footage of him showing some other area, please post it.
Dancing Banana 

Look who's not dead!?

He looks fightin' mad in this vidja too?!
(No, I didn't watch it.)

yeah right i bet you pull your pants down and watch it . looks like he has been doing some serious redecorating on that green wall
I never consciously noticed the wall was green...

Wonder what that is on the wall...

Looks like bloody knuckle marks or something...

Soo according to that video he just had no internet access over the weeks in which he was offline. Guess we'll be seeing more posts soon.
I'm glad he's okay, man no internet for weeks would really suck.

If only Lucian had been scooped up by a well to do sugar momma years and years ago...

His life would have turned out so much differently!!!

Group Hug

God I wish Luci had a better mic.

0:44 rofl.

0:52 you know what, before this point I was legitimately holding out hope that Luci really would be proving we live in a simulation.

1:39 TBH this is the most likable Lucian has ever been.

2:11 this is Lucian's version of Bulla's electromagnetic hydro wave (rainbow) litmus test with the garden hose...

I just wonder what within his reasoning proves to him that this test demonstrates that we live in a simulation.

Is it the math aspect? Is it the fractal aspect?
Hearing someone say "the fahking see-zarrs" in a Dracula accent has just made my day. : )
I think he must have read a david blaine magic book and he missed show and tell in grade 1.
1:15 does he keep saying "dragon"?
1:27 at least he has a nice head of hair.
He looks younger and happy in that video.

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