Clif High: One of the greatest minds of our time...

I just tuned in, he's talking about the change in the color/temperature of the sun!!!

(04-16-2017, 08:26 PM)Trix Wrote: He's so right about the sun turning white in the late 90s...

I absolutely remember it.

I remember it being yellow/orange and I remember realizing it had changed definitively in the early 2000s when it occurred to me that I never saw the sun yellow/orange anymore as was so common when I was a little kid.

This is why I love Clif High so much, he's so common sense and universal truth based. Clif basically just said the western US could become an ocean someday due to flooding. Teehee!!! He's so interesting!!!

He's saying there is gonna be a lot of volcanic activity!!! I dunno!!!

God I'm so in love with Clif High.

I should just come back and watch this because it's live right now and I can't timestamp... me and you got a date for later Clif!
i love how, right off the bat, clif discounts a planet x/9 and points to the electric universe model.

i hope his wife is doin better. he mentioned her being ill last month when i last listened to one of his interviews.

now he discounted pole shifts and plate shifts in favor of expanding earth theory! he's totally right about how molten metal isn't magnetic. from my QADOC experience i know how they take various stocks, magnetize them, test them, melt and reform and then remagnetize. they wouldn't have to remagnetize if the material retained the magnetic charge when melted. i never really connected that as he did here.

i hate the red glasses though. :x
rhombus will set you free.
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ― Michael Ellner
LOL I've always thought the red glasses were kinda bitchin'...

Basically nobody can pull that off.

Clif only rocks it because he doesn't give a drizzly shit what anyone thinks...

You can bet they're red for a reason...

Kinda like the whole red door symbolism...

Gah, Clif is such a fucking boss.

Love you Clif.
so clif is forecasting another expansion event. he doesn't mention how much the earth would expand, at least by 1:12:00. that's what i've been wondering about for a long time. dinosaurs were able to get as large as they were because the earth was smaller and gravity was less intense. another expansion event would increase gravity.

1:13:00+ he's talking about the ionosphere and schumann resonance changing, something i was covering on fora and VCs a lot. i'm not sure clif realizes the impact of this. that will have a direct impact on our minds as we operate on those frequency peaks. decreasing ionosphere height = higher frequency created = higher level thinking / enlightenment in humans... at least those compatible with those frequencies. the others will go crazy.

this is one of the best clif high videos i've ever watched. he's covered pretty much all the stuff i kept going on about when few wanted to listen.
rhombus will set you free.
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ― Michael Ellner
(06-03-2018, 03:51 PM)Trix Wrote: LOL I've always thought the red glasses were kinda bitchin'...

Basically nobody can pull that off.

sally jessy raphael was the closest to pulling it off, but the 80s were a different time.
rhombus will set you free.
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ― Michael Ellner
(06-03-2018, 03:53 PM)genba Wrote: sally jessy raphael

Ah man it seems like it's been years since I thought about that chick!!!
(06-03-2018, 12:57 PM)Trix Wrote:


Is that the same as 'gray goo', or is he talking about the asphalt volcanoes?

3:41 I just came.


5:00 God Clif is so brilliant and so mind blowing... instead of JUST blowing my mind, it feels like he arranges and configures my mind into the proper setting.

I've talked about the expanding earth a lot... it's so damn amazing how in the flow and totally right on Clif is, everything he talks about is just the TRUTH. That's all there is to it. It's innate knowledge.

7:10 re: the core of the planet being plasma/electric. God he's so brilliant.

8:31 oh my God this is amazing. I love Clif High more than mere words could ever, ever explain.

9:37 oh my God it makes PERFECT SENSE. I've never heard someone explain the expansion of earth/how/why it happens before.

The solar minimum is a lot more hardcore than I figured it was, I figured it would be a time of diminished excitement...

Guess I was wrong!?

11:41 listen to the way he said that, OMG, Clif... my soul brother. MY SOUL BROTHER. I love the way he uses language... I love it, I LOVE YOU CLIF HIGH.

Clif High forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

15:22 I just came again, OMMMGGG. This is so good. IT'S SO GOOD.

17:50 holy fucking shit... that sounds like the makings for one hell of an event in my totally honest opinion.

19:11 holy shit I don't think I've ever been SO EXCITTTEEEEEDDDDDDD.

19:41 - 22:36 an absolutely brilliant explanation of volcanic activity.

26:56 Clif High is a poet with his communications... so in love. 100%.

34:23 off topic but, DAMN Rex has some exquisite fucking eyebrows, oh my total fuck, I have an eyebrow fetish...

44:12 he starts discussing the change in the color of the sun.

44:36 Clif explains the forests/what's going on with the trees turning brown and branches falling off, tree scourge, etc. and relating it to the ice ages in the past.

46:00 he continues explaining the changes in the sun/color/temperature as it reacts with the planet.

48:40 he talks about the possibility of new oceans/inland seas/etc. re: western USA and other locations.

56:00 talking about CERN, the magnetic shield of the earth, interference of planetary magnetics.

59:25 - 1:00:25 addressing some very interesting questions about CERN re: time travel.

1:00:30 explaining that the collider in Dallas was shut down because it didn't have the right kind of rocks (quartzite).

1:01:39 explaining how the large hadron collider (CERN) works.

1:05:56 explaining how chemtrails are actually useful protection from the UVC radiation (not that he agrees with them) and that the eventual volcanic ash which is the natural version of 'chemtrails' is the planetary reaction to this uptick in UVC (as a result of the forces which cause the volcanoes)... absolutely fascinating.

1:09:00 Clif was the victim of a "burglary"... sounds like some parties saw opportunity while he was in the process of relocating to help themselves to some of his "business materials". I'd feel a little paranoid if I was him too... but let's face it, a little burgling is only to be expected. At least he didn't get his whole "lab" burnt down, Tesla style. They've been a lot more ruthless in the past with stuff like this.

1:14:15 Clif starts talking about the ionosphere and the Schumann resonance. Reference Genba's posts for more info on the effects of changes in the Schumann resonance as it concerns humans.

1:15:48 very interesting point Clif makes about examining the trajectory/where things are headed in order to figure out what they're using to basically 'terraform' the planet.

1:17:09 Rex starts talking about microchips, because one thing you gotta remember about Rex is that he has ALWAYS been about the nanotech, that's his forte. So he thinks the ultimate goal of TPTB is whatever they plan to do with the nanobots, etc. As soon as he says "microchip" I can basically hear Clif thinking "No"... LOL.

1:17:40 Clif explains why "No" re: microchips as it concerns 5G.

1:19:52 Clif explains that microchips cause cancer/nodes so quickly and obviously that it's not even feasible to use them in humans. He also says 5G will be the subject of a bevy of lawsuits and will basically be a failure. Clif also explains that 5G doesn't work in the rain. So it begs the question, what the fuck are they really doing with 5G? Is it the DNA reading capabilities they want to install even on a temporary basis?

1:22:48 Clif says that 5G will be rolled out in dry areas (desert etc.) because it will only work in those places and that 5G will fail before it ever reaches wetter places like the coasts etc.

1:26:42 discussing the closed nuclear plant in Antarctica and how there were pieces of land the size of Kansas which were ice free with surface lakes in which people were swimming.

1:27:40 there were literal mountains of coal in Antarctica and Clif says the coal was formed into nodules by "something".

1:35:00 Clif starts explaining in great detail a pyramid which was found in Antarctica. He says the steps are massive (14 ft.) suggesting they might have been used by giants.

1:46:40 Clif starts discussing crypto.

1:49:20 kinda some shitty news about EOS thoughhh!!!

1:54:14 sounds plausible re: EOS being a scam devised to make off with massive amounts of ETH.

I like Rex because he shows Clif some incredibly proper respect... God bless Rex. God bless Clif.

1:57:30 Clif imparts beautiful words of wisdom in closing.

Love you Clif, love you Rex.

I looove Rex's energy, a 16 hour drive and he's raring to go all night.

Fuckkk... his wife is so lucky, I bet he can lay that pipe like no other.

Anyways! He's at this place in Tennessee called Brushy Mountain, it was a prison...

Supposedly it's super haunted or something.

He's gonna do an all night broadcast...

Apparently he's there with that hotass dude Jeff Daugherty.

I wonder if he's gonna livestream all night?

That sounds kinda ambitious, hopefully he's got some good WiFi.
(06-09-2018, 09:41 PM)Trix Wrote:
I looove Rex's energy, a 16 hour drive and he's raring to go all night.

Fuckkk... his wife is so lucky, I bet he can lay that pipe like no other.

Anyways! He's at this place in Tennessee called Brushy Mountain, it was a prison...

Supposedly it's super haunted or something.

He's gonna do an all night broadcast...

Apparently he's there with that hotass dude Jeff Daugherty.

I wonder if he's gonna livestream all night?

That sounds kinda ambitious, hopefully he's got some good WiFi.

I follow a lot of urbex channels, Brushy Mountain is like a common thing.
I don't get in to the haunted bullshit its all staged crap, I just like the explores.
Your embed link no worky.
LMFAO I posted this in the wrong thread.
Dancing Banana 
(06-09-2018, 10:06 PM)Trix Wrote: Oops?!

I think the fuckers disabled embedding lol
(06-09-2018, 10:06 PM)Trix Wrote: LMFAO I posted this in the wrong thread.

Laughing Kiss

Start at 4:34...

I'm watching this on double speed.

5:35 see this is why I love Clif High, so much. With this statement he addresses anesthesia and how bad it is for your body. So true and yet you just never really hear anybody talk about it.

6:35 it's just really strange, poor sweet Clif has just been faced with a lot of struggles lately. Is he gonna be okay?

9:47 LOLOL it adds "NADS" to your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GAH he's SO SMART it's INSANE. 12:30 everything he's saying just makes so much sense and he makes it seem so simple and concise.

Fucking love you, Clif High.

23:00 I love story time with Clif.

24:40 so interesting.

25:10 I love that Clif is always working on a project.

26:30 I mean you have to admit that Clif's invention is damn amazing...

He basically found a matrix hack with this whole 'webbot' thing.

Moreover it's related to linguistics, which I find personally exciting.

28:46 he addresses ingesting gold mixtures and explains why that and similar things can be dangerous.

30:40 oh my God he's so fuckin' brilliant dude, he explains essentially "grounded" presence in plant based hallucinogens (plant teachers) is absent from these metal mixtures.

32:52 he addresses the expanding earth.

34:34 he addresses the magnetic field and poleshifts.

36:30 he says he thinks it will be a bad winter and that we're headed into a mini ice age.

42:41 did he legitimately say "NADS" again!? ROFLMAOOO!!!

43:50 DAAAYUUUM, threw some shade at Elon thouuughhh!!!

53:45 interesting discussion about vitamins.

Clif mentions this guy's channel re: studying Antarctica satellite imagery:

1:48 - 2:05 I love how Clif throws shade.

17:55 Clif addresses Elon Musk on the Joe Rogan broadcast re: AI...

19:26 - 21:36 this type of thing is the reason I love Clif's brilliant mind so much.

26:17 Clif says the pancreas and vagus nerve is the seat of consciousness.

31:20 Clif says his testosterone levels are still where they were in his 40s?!

Genius sperm harvesting though!!!

39:37 skip to 43:14 Clif starts to explain conclusions about studies he's done regarding the nature of time as a byproduct of his ray gun experimentation. He references "temporal engineering" as terminology to describe the use of this information.

46:36 he addresses the "universal payment system" and states that it's possible people could receive cryptocurrency without even having a wallet.

50:40 he explains the upcoming changes to the fiat system from a realist standpoint rather than the overdramatized, even fearmongering stance you often hear on this issue.

1:05:10 he addresses and explains artificial intelligence... and I couldn't agree with him more.

1:08:20 he mentions 'NADS' again, ROFLMAOOOWTF... RIGHT?!


Clif is so fucking cool.

1:11:07 he says he thinks that the current thinking in quantum mechanics validates astrology.

1:12:55 so true re: micro/macro cycles effecting biorhythms.

1:14:20 he says that a "universal internet" was invented and built by species in space which are probably long dead.

I think that inherently by nature and structure, there is psychic connectivity throughout the entirety of existence... it wasn't "built" by anything, it's just there.

1:21:50 he addresses the fact that there is no "civil war" set to break out, it's not in the data and I think it's obvious that it's not taking place even beyond that. He says of course there are hard times ahead, but just not in that form.

It seems the central point this broadcast keeps coming back to is that there is a coming period of exponential technological advancement.

1:27:00 he basically says that by 2020 there will be a lot more talk about Antarctica.

Starts at 2:20.

2:30 God Clif makes me squeal like a little bitch. I love his webbot so much, his invention is so amazing.

2:40 he's discussing the "strange energy" from space and how it is effecting humanity's emotionality.

5:25 he mentions the "secret space program" touters and how they're basically full of shit, at least that's how I took it.

7:00 he talks about his dad's position in the military.

7:52 ooo Clif, raaawwwwrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:00 he basically asserts that the "secret space program" touters are actually disinfo agents and that "Gaia" (the brand/channel) is infiltrated with disinfo.

15:30 more comments on Gaia.

17:00 it's so true... Clif is so fucking brilliant. God. It blows me the fuck away. I love this man so much.

18:02 LOLOLOL, and he's so funny. It's so rare to find such great humor with such amazing intellect.

22:35 he segues into a brief discussion about the state of the educational/brainwashing system.

28:04 he starts talking about Antarctica, specifically what he called "Roswell, Antarctica" and he essentially says Gaia could be fabricating 'whistleblowers' related to this topic.

29:23 he says that there is some evidence that interplanetary, anti-gravity craft have been discovered in Antarctica.

34:35 he starts talking about what he calls the "Grand Global LARP" (Live Action Roleplaying) and he says that we should do this for "protection".

37:00 he starts discussing the topic of quantum internet.

41:30 he discusses the eventuality of entangled particle information being piped through our existing devices. He says there is likely a huge amount of data on the galactic internet waiting to be discovered and read by us.

43:45 he says that FRBs (fast radio bursts) can be thought of as displacement waves generated to push information particles through space.

44:17 - 44:24 I totally agree with him, so true.

47:00 he's talking about a collaborative effort of studying quantum particles as it relates to connecting them with computer code.

48:00 he says caesium is a metal that can be used for these purposes and he suggests it could already be an entangled element anyway because it's so unstable. He says tungsten and the hydrogen ion could possibly be used as well.

49:00 it sounds like a project that a whole lot of people could be very interested in.

53:23 - 54:02 LOLOL. God yes. Like a video game without the video part. Bwahahahaha. Fucking love you so much, Clif High.

54:24 he says that silver will likely be used in a lot of these frequency trapping devices which relate to the universal internet. Here's a nod to all the people who said that silver is going to be more valuable than gold. My guess is quartz will also be highly valuable in the future as well.

55:30 fascinating, absolutely fascinating.

56:09 Clif says he hates road trips. That's interesting, I thought I estimated once that he's a Horse on the Chinese zodiac, so he should like that kinda stuff. Maybe I was off a year in either direction. Clif says he wants a 'floaty anti-gravity vehicle'... so that must be what he sees for the future, and I must admit, I've seen the same kinda thing. It doesn't appeal to me personally, but I get the idea people in the future are gonna love it.

57:16 "a quantum entangled internet network card"... he's into this Tesla reminiscent idea of particle internet, and I definitely love that. If he's talking about it, it's coming.

1:00:10 see this is another reason I love Clif High the way I do... he's all about WORDS. Anyway, he says that these, as he calls them, "blue chicken cult" people involved with Gaia TV (people like Corey Goode) are trying to copyright words and phrases... nefarious, if not just downright evil.

1:01:08 Clif is fucking brilliant, what a badass motherfucker. Formidable opponent, no one is going to fuck with him... at least openly. Cowardly pestilence lacking any true power can only attack people covertly.

1:03:40 he says that blockchain development is a huge work market and programmers should get it while it's hot.

1:04:55 he addresses the REAL secret/classified space program that has been ongoing and that will probably lead to "Space Force" (that's just what they've dubbed it for the operation's public unveiling, FINALLY).

Love you, Clif High, love you so much.

Starts at 1:23.

He talks about crypto for the first 13 minutes and delivers the most important point at 13:57.

He says that there will be several years of chaos in the US, but I mean, what's new really?

14:56 - 15:35 he makes interesting statements about the state of chaos in the next "2 years".

15:58 ooo, this oughta be good!!! *popcorn*

20:00 now he's going to talk about quantum mechanics/physics.

22:30 "Okay so, here's the thing about entrained particles"... OMG he's about to school the shit out of us!!!


He's discussing this topic as it pertains to the quantum internet.

26:58 - 32:26 he explains distance between quantum entangled particles as it regards quanta description language (values) and defining assigned functions for the purpose of programming.

36:00 LOL that cracked me up, love Clif so much.

37:31 interesting statements about electrical force as opposed to "nuclear" force/radioactive decay.

40:10 he describes the sun as an "electrical plasma arc" and says it's formed by ionized gas which is electrified and grounded by the interstellar media... he says that it creates a field/barrier around our solar system, which is what the Voyager "runs into" and where the noise comes from.

41:38 he says he found that someone is "sending messages of undetermined type to people within parts of the web that don't display"... WTF?

53:42 he starts talking about advancements in his "time ray gun" experiment/invention. 54:24 he says he built a box (2ftx2ftx1ft inside) in an old garage, and that he's glad he took the precautions of building it in a protected environment. 56:52 he says he took an energy hit whilst disassembling the box. 57:55 - 59:30 he explains further, stating that what he calls "dissipative entropy" hit his head, causing sunburn-like effects.

1:02:45 he states that the strange energy from space is causing an uptick in craziness and lots of activity in work offers.

He seems very motivated and driven toward this galactic internet... I think he will be very successful. To put it lightly.

1:08:00 he says he likes Litecoin and that he thinks it will be "impressive"... he doesn't seem all that interested in crypto right now though. All that mouthwatering talk about the quantum internet, I mean who can blame him for being way more interested in that.
I always thought “spooky action at a distance” sounded kinda dumb.

These scientist people always massively over complicate every little thing...

I think it’s some kinda mental problem revolving around having to classify EVERYTHING.

I love Clif High because at least he’s relatable and understandable and has an enjoyable personality.
Holy shit, right now Clif has an audience of 1000+ watching his YouTube livestream entitled "Ancient Chinese History and Why Should I Give a Shit?"

I am stoked as fuck to check this out and see what he's talking about.

Starts at 3:20...

He summarizes why we should care about ancient Chinese history by saying that a lot of it happened at a time when the earth was receiving the strange energies from space much like we are now.

He relates it to Taoism vs. the rise of Confucianism which took place during a grand solar minimum.

8:30 we know Clif has stated before that the sun is traveling through interstellar media with the planets trailing behind it... is he suggesting here that the sun is fueled by rays which it captures as it travels through the interstellar media?? It wasn't really clear what he was implying there. If it's not fueled by them, then what purpose does it serve for it to 'catch' them??

9:40 damn good point re: the perception of normalcy.

18:48 who is this "younger" bastard "CW" who is lucky enough to get mentorship from Clif?!?!?!?

Apparently THIS is the fucking guy Clif is talking to:


I dunno, he's somebody I would never... ever watch.

I skipped to 45:10 in this video and watched for 20 seconds or so. He sounds decently smart I guess, I dunno. I just don't care about any of the shit his channel appears to be about and I can't fathom why Clif would pay any attention to him.

44:00 interesting story, and great closing words in general. Clif is so wise. Love him so much. I honor you Clif.

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