Clif High: One of the greatest minds of our time...

Starts at 3:05.

Clif knows how much we all love woo-woo.

Clif says he thinks the cryptocurrency data/info on the net was polluted.

10:45 honestly, make the internet HTML again.

12:30 I'm so in love with Clif High, he's so wonderful.

He's discussing the propagation of disinformation that he's uncovered.

24:00 he says that something is "gaming" the Q language and phenomenon.

26:18 look how nice Clif is, he's so friendly.

35:40 HAH!!!!! Apparently Clif seems to think Michelle Obama is really a dude.

46:15 he says that 'officialdom' is giving him problems over his work.

1:05:35 he references something called metabolometrics becoming prominent in the future.

6:30 Clif is so fascinating and brilliant.

19:16 he's so right, "Be guided by your interests."
Wow and look at what I found!

The Webbot Forum YouTube channel!

It's got audio as old as 2005 from Clif, OMG.

I'm about to check it out.

July 2005 OMG.


I don't find listening to the audio on this channel to be very efficient because they just cut off at the end and the next video in the series doesn't even start where the other left off. But it's still a cool thing to check out.
Clif High means everything to me.

WTF have I ever seen this one?!?!?

I feel like I haven't.

This interview is from August 2018... Clif looks and sounds so much better (physically) now than he did then, August was at the tail end of his health hardships and I admit I was very worried about him during that time.

I feel so enriched by Clif's life and presence.

Rex is really excellent at interviewing Clif. Love Rex so much, what a wonderful guy.

6:10 - 7:22 listening to it put this way, it's just unbelievable to me that we ever thought the sun was stationary.

7:33 Rex brings up the 'new' moons discovered around Jupiter.

10:40 Rex brings up the concept of a binary star system.

11:11 very fascinating statement to ponder about.

13:15 he talks about us entering into a period of higher UV wherein there will be an ice age greenhouse effect, and he says that this winter should show us where the places of new glaciation will be.

28:02 it's interesting what Clif says about how there's never been evidence of the ocean rising in any significant amount over the continental shelf.

43:34 Clif mentions Apophis:

46:40 he's discussing all the traffic and activity going on in and around Antarctica.

52:42 he explains the UVC heat reaction.

56:45 he talks about the Nemo, Nummo, Nommo...

1:11:58 "all of those words that had been translated as 'God' are an untranslatable name of a species."

1:20:08 Clif explains space.

1:21:48 he says it's clear they're preparing Antarctica for longterm habitation.

1:34:50 Rex brings up "vril parasites" and is talking about Zakk and the donut incident:

(09-19-2018, 01:21 PM)Trix Wrote: Wish the epic donut orb video was still around. It's not on this channel and I can't find it. I guess that vid is like 5 or 6 years old. But Zakk just starts randomly filming this guy at a restaurant and talking about how colors are flying off him, and no shit, you could SEE a colored "orb" of light fly off the guy's hand/the donut. It was CRAZY.

1:48:50 Clif addresses the metum psychoses and burning off karma after we die.


(((Serious popcorn)))

Apparently he has a super major announcement to make...

I can see it in his face. Whatever this is he's very excited about it.

God I love this man. I love you Clif. I. Love. You.

I'm so in love with you Clif High.

He's so my kinda guy. My dream guy. Someone I could love, cherish, respect, and learn from... forever and ever.

2:45 holy shit what is this gonna BE about!?!?!?!?!

I'm so hella fucking stoked to hear this.

Gotta say Leak Project/Rex's interviews with Clif have always been the best.

Clif High is such a dream.

3:57 his mind and communication are so beautiful and brilliant and wonderful.

4:24 oh my goodness... this sounds huge, I've NEVER heard him talk like this before.

Give it to us, Clif, I want it so bad!!!

I wonder what this is gonna be about. Where is this gonna go?

An alien invasion? For the last 70 years??

(((Takes another handful of serious popcorn)))

Who are the aliens!? Are they hot?! Can we have sex with them!?

I hope they're hot. Please let them be hot. Please tell me they're hot.

7:20 LOL I can tell Rex is loving this so far.

7:40 OMG what is it Rex never talks about!?

8:08 wooow. Holy shit... daaamn. Clif just blew my fuckin' mind.

So he's saying Rex never talks about abductions. I'll be honest, I can't remember him ever talking about them. I wonder what Rex will say to this, if anything?? Hmmm!!!

This interview is gonna need a lot of serious popcorn.

Wow, holy fuck dude. I feel like this is part of why Clif told Rex to get some rest... are they gonna spar??

This may be the single most greatest shit I've ever seen on Rex's show.

8:30 so Rex is making his rebuttal now... and the way Clif has his drink and then puts it down, his body language/subtle expressions show that he's 100% ready.

So fucking in love right now.

8:40 see I was thinking about Rex's crib story too as Clif was talking, and Clif says that he has heard Rex tell that story too. That story wasn't about being abducted though, it was a sighting if I recall correctly.

11:08 I feel like Clif really loves forums, and that fills my heart with so much love and excitement, I can hardly stand it because I love FORUMS TOO. More than ANYTHING in the WORLD.

I agree with Clif, but I've also heard that a lot of these "Aliens" are actually man-made, specifically the ones who do the abductions.

13:28 Clif says that the 5G frequency is being rolled out around the planet by TPTB as a defense against the aliens.

"5G will operate between 30-300 GHz, this technology has dangerous implications"

14:20 Clif says that 5G is used to examine DNA.

14:44 Clif says that the airport body scanners used 5G.

I can hear Rex's skepticism about Clif's discussion of 5G here... but I think it's just a matter of hearing him out on it, I don't think he's necessarily saying it's a GOOD thing.

18:08 Clif says that 5G could be used to find alien hybrids...

Maybe that's what all these DNA databases are about.

Private companies who don't have access to the DNA that already exists in medical records are devising their own ways to get DNA (and it's 'fresh' too) from everyone.

23:28 I could spend an eternity listening to Clif High and never get bored... he's so entertaining and fascinating.

28:00 I've had missing time too. A few times... here's my post about it:

48:00 he says they're insectoids/mantis aliens...

My thread about earth being an insect dominated planet:

1:20:30 he discusses the Machine Elves...

"TripWhip: What The Machine Elves Told Me On DMT"

1:14:30 what he says about us possibly having never been in a 'natural environment' because we may have been 'created' really rings true to me. It would explain what I've always wondered about re: how we could have 'evolved' in nature, yet we still have such severe reactions to nature...

"All the pests in nature and the various inflammatory reactions to them"

1:18:20 he talks about plant teachers.

1:25:15 Clif says there's monitoring going on re: things purchased online so that they can be tracked to these hybrid production efforts.

1:26:58 - 1:27:25 I've seen these types of spaceships in dreams.

1:41:47 Clif says that hybrid creation requires a human female to host the embryo for 11 weeks or so and then they're 'extracted', which reminds me of what Archie was talking about recently re: phantom pregnancies...

2:12:11 re: implants, he said they're often found in the feet or the hands... I had a surgery to remove a sizable lump on my toe when I was a little kid. I had been stung by a bee. About a year afterward, there was a lump on the same toe I was stung on, and it was assumed to be from the stinger which was supposedly left in it. Now I really wonder.
i was like 70% of the way thru that vid when you posted it. was gonna post it myself. after a night and day to reflect on it, it's eerily accurate.

i cannot rectify how there are so many individuals who talk about being abducted but so few alternative outlets that cover them. i know whitley strieber was on a bunch of things for a while, but not many others. that's a highly suspicious anomaly.

re: implants - i've had this lil nodule just under my left cheekbone where the beard starts to cross my face. it's been there since i was a kid. i noticed it after i had a bunch of `sleepwalking` episodes. i do not have this nodule on the opposite side. i'd probably have tried to cut it out by now if it wasn't on my face.

his whole thing of a series of beings coming, manipulating hominids, breeding with them, and leaving is a lot more complex that most theories, but at the same time it's actually simpler in a way. with everything so discordant and contradictory, it makes sense that it wasn't just a singular group fuckin around.

cattle mutilation is still a thing, right? i never hear or see anything new about that either. it's like i've been saying... almost all the `popular` alternative people are gatekeeping plants. i did always like 2342, but honestly i think he is one too, even if he's not aware of it.
rhombus will set you free.
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ― Michael Ellner
(12-17-2018, 07:40 PM)genba Wrote: i noticed it after i had a bunch of `sleepwalking` episodes.

So I've never 'sleepwalked' before. But I have a long and sordid history with 'night terrors'.

A long history of waking up, waving my arms around, frantic, hyperventilating for no apparent reason. Often times the 'terror' associated with this specific disruption was that I had swallowed something... usually something metal. I'd wake up clawing at my throat, coughing, sticking my fingers in my mouth, spitting.

Most frequently in recent years, there's been an uptick in waking up to 'presence(s)' in the room and 'banishing' them with certain movements, then declaring the area 'clear'.

These episodes last probably 10-20 seconds. Whenever there's a "presence", it is usually not visible, or it is "camouflaged" as something else. There's only been a tiny handful of times when I've actually seen a being... the most notable of which is the third story shared in this post:

It's taken me years and years of these experiences to come to conclusions (of any kind) about what the fuck they are... but the 'camo' presences, I have always known deep down, were disguising themselves so I wouldn't know what/who they were.

So in light of these experiences, and what Clif said in that video... I dunno, I just kinda wonder, gnomesayin'.
Most recently, my "sleep disruptions" consisted of sitting straight up in the bed about (what felt like) an hour or so after falling asleep. This happened every night for at least a couple of weeks.

Typically it was paired with a 'banishing' and 'clearing'...

The second to the last time it happened, I figured out who the presences were (but in a very in-between state of sleep/wake and I don't remember who I concluded they were, though I did retain that it seemed fairly innocuous). I remember noting that who they were "made sense" at the time.

There seem to be weeks long periods of these experiences, and then they 'conclude'. Very clear (at the time) conclusions and closes.
I saw beings all the time when I was a child.

Some looked like greys.

Some looked like elves or gnomes.

There was this one entity I don't even know how to describe. It was like a tiny woman made out of spider webs or something.

Glad I don't see them fuckers anymore.
Yep, apparently this is all extremely common.
I'd say it had to be common in ancient times because people talked about seeing them as if it were an ordinary occurence.

Small children still have the same kind of pre-rational mind that ancient people had, so naturally they see them.

i think that one is related to clif's vid. from just now too. i should probably send all of these that i've done to him to see how he'd interpret them. bet he'd recognize one of them as an entity he's interacted with...
rhombus will set you free.
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ― Michael Ellner
(12-17-2018, 11:20 PM)genba Wrote:

It looks like a human eyed owl/bird being.

Rex's additional thoughts about the 12/16 interview with Clif High.

4:06 check it out, it's Clif in the lab with a pen and a pad!!!


15:03 what the heck IS this?!

I guess it's a boat or something.

18:00 ah yeah it's totally a boat, that's pretty cool.

This video has terrible sound quality, but it's made up for by the fact that Clif is displaying his beauty for us in natural lighting.

2:45 - 3:06 that is very interesting re: bettering ourselves despite the process of aging.

4:08 look, we get to see Clif's fabulous hands.

It's so fascinating that there EVEN ARE people as smart as Clif High.

This is an interesting video about Chinese and other ancient medicine. He basically said that the form of the vitamin supplementation matters, and that pills etc. are not the time tested tried and true methods that have been used for thousands of years. He said 18 months is the limit that chemical drugs are useful to the body. That's pretty interesting.

10:00 He's differentiating between 'tonics' and 'medicine' and says there's no time limit on tonics and how long they can be useful to the body.

11:17 - 11:45 it's interesting that Clif explains it this way and he seems to be saying that aging is inescapable and if we lived to 300 years, the body would continue growing decrepit. He doesn't see 'forever young' as a possibility, like a lot of people do when they theorize a much longer lifespan. Having watched his other videos about the little bloop and the nature of the universe, I do understand why he sees it that way.

15:24 he essentially explains that aging/dying is not a process to try and escape. His explanation is truly excellent, as always.

17:37 he briefly touches on the subject of changes and variability of the sun.

19:33 re: ginseng and its health benefits to males age 55+. 19:50 LOL I love the things he says!!!

26:40 oh my God I love Clif High so much. I want to be just like him!!!

OMG look, it's Clif driving, OMG!!!

This is so great, he's so exciting!!!

I wonder how many more geniuses there are on Clif's intellectual level out there?

How many more interesting and fascinating geniuses are there for me to love?

12:00 fuck cellphones!!!

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