Clif High: One of the greatest minds of our time...

Clif has nice looking arms!!!

Check out all of his fabulous ziplock bags!!!

9:40 such an interesting point re: the psychology of emotional attachments to money/the perception of money.

The Salish Sea:

10:00 he touches a bit on the topic of immortality.

He goes into explaining more of what I was commenting about in an earlier post:

(12-24-2018, 03:07 AM)Trix Wrote: He doesn't see 'forever young' as a possibility, like a lot of people do when they theorize a much longer lifespan. Having watched his other videos about the little bloop and the nature of the universe, I do understand why he sees it that way.

32:00 these Salish creation stories are pretty fascinating, I have to say.

34:00 re: the sky people and their need for special 'sky canoes' to cross the water with. Sky people apparently have issues with water.

Oooo, this interview is about a year old!!!

And it's TWO PARTER!!!

It's on one of the more intriguing topics re: the current woo-woo internet climate...

Gaia TV and disinformation.

Let's see what Clif has to say about it.

Never seen this chick before.

She seems cool so far, she doesn't seem annoying or anything.

He says that David Wilcock and Corey Goode are disinfo agents, whether they're paid, or whether they consciously know it or not.

4:54 the interview starts.

5:36 he starts explaining hyperinflation.

11:15 I wonder if Clif still feels this way about crypto.

13:00 Clif explains taxation re: cryptos with "tax coin".

37:30 she's a good interviewer, I like listening to her and Clif together.

41:52 re: the topic of circumcision, and as usual, Clif never ceases to amaze with his unique fact based offerings to expand our understanding...

57:00 Clif says he thinks humans are "valuable" to the creators because we're interesting due to the way we evolved as the unattended castoffs.

1:30 I had no idea about that whole safe lock thing, that's super interesting!!!

16:38 Heidi is right, the astrology is crazy even still. I know she does the vedic, and I'm not into that/don't know anything about it. But from my perspective, Saturn is in Capricorn... that's a huge deal and I've noticed the effects of that placement more than anything else.

18:00 he goes into discussing the sun and UVA, UVB, and UVC. The new UVC penetration really explains the blue/violet light tint that I've been noticing for several years...

22:33 this explanation makes so much sense re: UVC, volcanoes, forest fires, and the expanding earth. Absolutely amazing.

24:45 I find it so fascinating when he ties the climate cycles into historical events.

27:18 there are salt caves in Texas?!

30:00 - 31:35 he says that since the mid-80s, Antarctica has been in a steep climb of interest in the mass consciousness.

32:00 - 33:30 he basically says they learned something from the Voyager space program which 'scared them' into interest about Antarctica.

35:20 that's exactly what I've been saying, they've already had a space force for decades...

"Space Force: A program already underway for decades, finally made public"

I truly feel that Clif High is really an amazing teacher.

37:30 they vaguely discuss Alex Jones' deplatforming. Clif says that Henry Kissinger could have been involved because they have a small group who are consulted about social media matters.

It's very strange that Henry Kissinger is one of the main figures in the "I thought that guy died years ago" Mandela Effect phenomenon...

48:50 he explains that the techno-globalists have data on basically the whole planet, but it's condensing it down which is the issue. Seems like it's hard to pinpoint stuff within the data.

51:40 he talks about energetic influences on time and says that we only have choice in the ever present now. It's a very profound point.

1:05:35 he closes by explaining the expanding earth. He says we are in an expansion period.
Quote:The sun is an electric plasma hovering over a metallic mass.
OMG CLIF HAS A LIVE SCHEDULED FOR TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was JUST thinking about him... and even looked for new videos with him on other peoples' channels like 30 minutes before he set the scheduled live video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh shit... apparently the live is TOMORROW.

Ooo, I can tell by the pics that this is gonna be a super sciency episode.

Wonder what he's gonna talk about??

OMG he says this is gonna be a "whacky one" and we're gonna talk about physics and stuff!!!

Apparently this has something to do with the 'ray gun' he's building!!!

4:00 I could listen to Clif talk about this stuff forever and ever.

8:00 Clif High is so wonderful and beautiful.

18:40 "frequency modulation of reality"... holy mackerel.

19:00 it's the lattice.

22:00 shattering wine glasses with frequency/sound, that's brilliant and fun.

23:44 but is breaking glass with sound really 'spooky action at a distance'? We can't see sound, but it IS physical... the breaking of the glass is the physical effect of sound in the proximity.

32:00 ah wow, this is fascinating. This is the zero point, but it's being called the 'one point' in this video... I understand them to be the same thing.

38:38 more about the lattice.

43:00 Clif says the tetrahedron is the base form of all matter. Which makes sense because that's what the shapes in the lattice look like.

But I'd go so far as to say that the tetrahedrons are made up of toroidal fields... the rabbit hole never ends, does it!?

44:30 Clif seems so pleasant... I just love him.

47:27 the sound comes back.

52:00 he starts explaining how the sound breaks the glass.

I think Clif is the most fascinating person who's ever lived.
I FOUND CLIF'S GLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG SO APPARENTLY CLIF IS GONNA BE ON LEAK PROJECT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG here it is, HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My precious, beautiful, wonderful Clif High... my sweet, my everything.

Love him so much, and love Rex too. Rex always has the best interviews with Clif, and Heidi's interviews with him are a close second. He gives them both his most deliciously woo-woo topics.

I am sooo excited to see this, so excited.

So basically Clif starts off by talking about the invasion of earth by the 'mantis' bug alien consciousness.

3:45 I'm doing my part by sharing it on my forum!!!

7:00 Clif is so brilliant and wonderful, I love him so much!!!

8:15 I have to say, I absolutely love Clif's camera quality today. It seems sort of blurry and pixelated, and I love that. I really think we have to go back to more vintage camera quality.

22:00 I love these kind of experiences!!!

26:20 God I just can't tell you how much I value Clif High for talking about these fascinating topics.

27:00 I totally believe what he's saying about the alien/bug invasion though... I had a really interesting, unforgettable, mind opening experience with an insect several years ago. I noted at that time that bugs are interdimensional beings and they have amazing ability to manipulate this plane, as it pertains to their appearance/perceptibility in relation to your spatial position. Of course many animals are interdimensional beings, even humans are. But with these bugs, it's different... they have a finely honed, totally automatic ability to 'bend' the fabric of reality to their will. I think that these insects can very clearly sense (see, feel, so on) forcefields and can automatically move and shift according to those forcefields in order to manipulate perception.

29:00 it's very interesting what he says here about the night terrors and alien abduction. Before I heard him talk about this in videos prior, I never made any kind of connection between my nearly lifelong night terrors and any type of beings possibly involved. The concept makes a lot of sense though because my night terrors in recent years have revolved around 'presences' at least 70% of the time.

30:50 he's absolutely right, it's true.

38:25 reminds me of the 'FunVax' and other proposed vaccines which are aimed at disabling the parts of the brain which cause religious beliefs, depression, emotion, so on...

"Cataplexy: Emotions result in paralysis caused by reduced levels of hypocretin/orexin"

38:50 he starts discussing "cranial nerve 10, X" (the vagus nerve) in relation to accessing the plane of creativity, telepathy, and all these other things.

40:35 yup, the forcefield... that's what the vagus/nervous system senses/broadcasts/receives and interacts with.

God I would love to have a clone of Clif High in my life to be together with and talk to all the time.

43:35 exactly... the forcefield.

45:00 important personal empowerment info... "warrior pose".

48:00 he discusses the two minute and three minute rule of control and addiction control.

1:00:00 he's discussing 5G and hypothesizing its use as a detection method for hybrids/DNA.

1:15:30 he's so right, and you can do that with ANYTHING. Once you've experienced any altered state, you can mentally put yourself there again.

1:17:28 OMG it's so weird Clif takes his shirt off, because I just got done closing the air vents because it was getting too hot in here!!!
Hmmm... it appears we have a few new videos from Clif. They are definitely not the norm from what I can tell. Let's check it out...

That's a nice high ceiling room, I would totally set up an aerial rig in there.

That's a perfect house for one person. More than enough for anybody.

Hmmm, cancer conspiracy eh? This should be very interesting indeed, let us begin...

2:30 not gonna like him?? Oh wow... holy shit. New year, new Clif??

Holiest of shits this man never fails to entertain and captivate.

3:40 if he says it's valuable, you know it's true. The Gulag Archipelago...

Another book by the same author, who cured himself of testicular cancer...

This is the article Clif references:

7:15 he says that several of his peer group have had gut cancer in 2018, and a few of them had skin cancer.

8:20 I really wonder where he's going with this. He says he doesn't trust the doctors and he's "fact checking" them.

9:20 SQR³/SQ3R/SQRRR = survey, question, read, recite, review.

10:45 exactly.

12:06 LET. IT. ALL. OUT. Mwahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:30, yep, it's an important place to get to in life. And Clif shows here that the learning process of life never ends.

15:55 Clif's done fuckin' around! Arf! I like his attitude!

17:12 "Life is too short to fuck around with people I can't work with"... AMEN CLIF!!!!!!!!! Heck, I have already realized this stuff in life. I honestly have come to realize this stuff in the past year or so and it's REALLY FREEING. God I respect Clif so much. He's such an EXCELLENT teacher.

19:15 very interesting.

20:00 he basically says don't leave your life in the hands of the doctors, because they're dumbfucks.

23:30 he mentions Linus Pauling's work, and starts getting into the point of the video.

24:03 he discusses vitamin C as an anti-tumor agent for the prevention and cure of cancer due to assisting hormones in killing cancer cells. I'm paraphrasing here, listen to it yourself, don't depend on me to translate everything he's saying properly.

27:00 he mentions the degradation of the skin as one of the first signs of vitamin C deficiency. We need to load up on vitamin C.

Since so many animals besides humans create vitamin C in their bodies, I'm wondering if we weren't purposely "spliced" to lack this vital nutrient, therefore nerfing our life expectancies.

29:11 he explains how cancer invades.

31:00 he discusses vitamin C absorption.

33:10 he discusses liposomal vitamin C as the best way to take vitamin C...

38:03 excellent closing words by Clif.
Have the gods really blessed us with ANOTHER Clif High video, so soon?!?!?

It would appear so!!! Let us begin.

2:25 I really appreciate and commend Clif for his new attitude... it's too bad it comes at such a price though. I suppose that's just the irony of life.

3:45 great points about the various types of bodies.

9:34 he's right about the PTSD thing, I have experienced the same thing and it's honestly horrible. It really is. It really really is. Recovery is slow.

10:10 LOL he's building his own spaceport! Teehee! Love you Clif!

11:50 "Many of our conditions are not truly diseases on their own; they're simply one of the symptoms of not enough vitamins in our system"... this is absolutely the truth.

12:35 orthomolecular therapy.

17:18 interesting re: colonoscopies.

18:00 he says that scurvy looks exactly like cancer on slides. That's pretty mindblowing right there.

26:10 he's right about the need for sleep being a gauge of your health.

28:50 LOL I love hearing Clif cuss!

31:40 Clif discusses the anti-radiation properties of vitamin C.

36:00 he starts discussing temporal markers. 38:00 interesting.

39:40 he discusses David Wilcock's recent "social engineering".

42:27 LMFAOOO THAT SHADE THOUUUGHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Clif is the best.


1:12 budo = a martial attitude, and a martial spirit.

1:45 listen up youngsters! Clif has something important to tell you... 3:40.

Clif says he's 65... I wonder if he's a Snake on the Chinese zodiac. I think he's either a Snake or a Horse.

9:35 Clif seems to imply here that cancer is epigenetic... which absolutely makes sense.

There is absolutely no way to quantify or adequately describe Clif's value... I believe he's one of the most important people who has ever lived.

13:58 he talks about the research that he's done about fighting cancer.

17:13 really important points to remember about all the 'health crazes' that go around promoting all these crazy cure-alls.

20:50 he starts talking about the GcMAF protein, the 'cancer hunting' macrophage activator.

26:00 watch this part, really important stuff.

Clif. Fucking. High.

I've been wondering how he's doing, and turns out my new channel wasn't subscribed to him. So I fixed that.

5:40 he talks about black seed oil as an anti-cancer agent.

25:35 a lot of great points right there.

I love you Clif High.

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