YouTuber Debrajoy is entertaining as fuck...

Yes, Debra, I actually love living in rest areas.

This is why I fucking love Debra.

Fabulous scenery.

1:30 that shit looks steep as fuck.

What's with the bitchin' blue and purple stripper lighting on Debra's carport??


She's still driving around with that damn back window covered!!!

6:34 gah, all the problems with domesticated pets are so depressing.

Debra comin' at you from the Best of Westerns!!!


So apparently there are renovations being done on the "Little Blue Cottage".

1:51 this BITCH dude OMG WHY DOES DEBRA GET ALL THE FUCKING ACTION!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

3:50 why is she gonna wait til Monday to go the doctor when she could go to a walk-in clinic or something?

Well, it'll be cool to see the LBC when it's done.

LMFAO the first few seconds of this video just rocks my world, fucking love you Debra Joy.

Wonder what she's gonna have to say about schizophrenia?? It's a topic we've discussed at length here...

3:32 DON'T BRING THE POT INTO THIS, DEBRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:00 SOCIAL MEDIA?? What the fuck?? I thought Debra was sharing some shit from her 20s or something?! Social media's only been around since like 2005!!!

7:28 - 7:46 LOL. I laughed. I'm sorry.

12:55 awwwe. Man. Damn!

14:12 amen Debra, well said.

I gotta be honest though, I'd totally open the door and let Hazel out and then just fucking drive off.

24:54 LOL... damn. Debra's hardcore, I just... LOL. Oh my.
I had a schizo girlfriend and she acted like a little fucking terrorist telling weird shit to my mom and then showing up at my new girls front door . One day she invited me to her parents house for a visit , i thought i would be polite and go ... well it turned into an inquisition and i felt lucky to get out of there with my life . She just could not accept there was nothing more for us relationshipwise and therefore tried to sabotage my life . I feel like schizophrenia its related to selfishness and laziness and they need to grow up like everyone else , not politically correct to say but from my experience thats what it looked like .

LOL Debra doesn't allow cussing on her comments section...


5:30 people shower too much, it's not even all that necessary.

Debra and I = hardcore soulmates. AF.

"I love abandoned parking lots because they always become a hangout"
I like parking lot sluts , they approach my truck and i invite them in for a smoke...really friendly ladies

Dude oh my total God, what is that heinous high pitched SOUND!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Ahhh!!! It's unbearable!!!

Her videos get kind of a lot of thumbs down lately...

I wonder if it's just trolls.

Dude OMG ROFLMAO I fucking love Debra Joy.

4:36 OMGWTF?!

9:34 awww.


Dude oh my God!!! Debra made a video/thumbnail after my own heart!!!


Holy shit!!!

1:20 what the fuck is she talking about.

Awww she lost views from the dudes...

It's cuz her videos aren't about living in a van anymore.
Trix do you live in a van ? Not judging you sweetheart i think its pretty amazing you have been able to tough it out all these years and risr above the usual need for comforts like showers and bathrooms, you are one of a kind sugartits
No I don't currently live in a van, but it's true I've risen above the need to take showers.
(10-12-2018, 10:53 PM)Trix Wrote:
What's with the bitchin' blue and purple stripper lighting on Debra's carport??


20 sec. Debra you can run around in the rain even with lightening just have on rubber boots, i do it ALL THE TIME

But I really do wonder why the hell her videos have so many dislikes lately.

Everyone in the comments section is like NOOOOOO DEBRA OMG NOOOOOO!!!!!


I mean obviously they're right.

But I just wanna say in general... FUCK YouTube meetups.

I guarantee that 7/10 people who have ever held a YouTube meetup would agree that it's awkward, weird, and probably just downright regrettable (not to mention draining in the moment).
TRIXXX i will live in a Van with you. and have van babies anyday

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