YouTuber Debrajoy is entertaining as fuck...

5:12 ooOooOooo, Debra, tell us more!!!


That intro though! Work it Debra! Bow chicka wowow!

1:25 - 1:28 LMFAOLOLOLOL.

That place is sooo much nicer with the new flooring.

2:56 ugh Debra is so particular.

6:40 that's a pretty bitchin' cactus.

LOL. That poor fuckin' dog, dude.

Man fuck that. I wouldn't be giving that dog a morsel of my fucking sausage biscuit...

Debra Joy only gets one damn sausage biscuit, like that's enough to do fuck all.

Honest to God Debra's poor dog makes me sooo fucking depressed, ROFLROFL.

I mean you don't go around whining like that if you're actually happy.

That dog is sad as shit. I mean I'm sure it has a fine life, especially compared to a lot of animals, but I mean it's all relative isn't it?

2:28 - 2:44 LOL God that is so fucking depressing. It honestly makes me want to jump off a fucking cliff.

I hate how people get pets and then just make their pets all crazy and neurotic. I notice it happens the most with dogs.

5:53 LOL this makes me wanna say even worse cusswords than normal, I mean look at and listen to how totally disoriented and totally driven insane that dog truly is.

It's literally some of the most depressing shit I've EVER seen.


Dead Nana

LOL Debra's wearing a thick coat and talking about how cold it is in California... and in the same breath she's talking about global warming. ROFLROFL.

Man oh man...

I'll tell you what's "disturbing" Debra. It's disturbing that they knew a 'mini ice age' was coming to the point that they perpetuated this 'global warming' narrative that they knew people would regurgitate...

Because the 'mini ice age' is gonna be so hardcore that they want to buy time while people are fighting off the brainwashed stupor and deciding to start thinking for themselves. For a time I'm sure people will do what Debra is doing and walk around in chilly southern California in their coats, saying things like, "Is global warming real? I just don't know? What do you guys think?" But eventually...

Even the sheepiest of the sheeple are going to finally understand that there is an ice age coming and this isn't a fucking joke.

When average idiots on YouTube are starting to think something is up, that's when it's starting to get serious... because it means now, it's in the mass consciousness.
if i was married to my milf debra it would be a challenge dealing with all her mood swings . it would also be a challenge talking sense into her because she seems to believe whatever the television people say regarding news/world events . her lisp is very refreshing though and that would soothe me . also she could tell me lots of bedtime stories and rub my forehead as i drifted off every night. i think one day after many discussions i could get her to consider the flat earth and other realities . for real though ...we are watching an older lady eating fast food almost daily without medical repercussions , she has an iron stomach

LOL, awwwe, Debra Joy is so cute.

1:57 it's sooo weird, she says she was reading a book... so I picture her reading a FUCKING BOOK. Then she starts talking about thinking it must be over soon, and I start thinking, well if she's holding the fucking book, can't she tell how many pages are left??? And then she says she was reading it on a tablet... *facepalm*

Man oh man. Keeping shit digital is just such a bad idea. This shit isn't gonna last. I know people say that physical books take up a lot of room etc., but that's not an argument as to why people shouldn't have them. It's just not.

5:52 it's called "herd mentality" Debra... people like us just don't think that way most of the time though.

9:52 I'm with Debra too, I only wear a certain type of underwear. When I do wear underwear.


Trix , will debra make it to heaven with me and you or does all her divorces DOOM HER ASS to the pit of hell with little hazel

So Debra's son is a Capricorn Dog. Interesting!!! Chinese zodiac Dogs have issues with jail/the law sometimes.

It's pretty cool that Debra had a surprise pregnancy at 40... really lucky!!!

LOL fuck this video, I'm gonna watch her Christmas video.

Daaamn, Debra lookin' fine as hell in this video!!!

0:48 DAMN RIGHT DEBRA!!!!!!!!!

7:46 is Debra Joy setting us up for a suicide?

You know she's discussed her past of suicidal thoughts before.

She better not be trying some BS like that.

11:50 amen sister!!! Debra's got 15K subscribers... that's a pretty big deal!!!

13:34 I love Debra.

13:46 good Lord, how old is Hazel?!

Debra's lookin' pretty fine again!!! She wears pink a lot!!!

She looks great in it!!! I theorize that you always look good in your favorite color!!!
Trix i find when i wear shirts with a hint of amber(my eye color just like beibers) thats when i look and feel best. It would be cool to make a baby with one hazel and one blue eye .
(12-25-2018, 07:33 PM)Kenny Wrote: (my eye color just like beibers)

ROFLMAO fucking marry meeeeee.

Even laundromats use cards nowadays!?!?!?!?!?!?! WTF! Where do you load the laundromat card??? Do they have a website or something?? Why not just use fuckin' change??


2:38 oh man that's embarrassing...

Sad Nana

Poor sweet Debra Joy.

3:50 I never would have told him that!!! LOL!!! I'd have kept it to myself!!!

It's always been breakfast, lunch, and dinner... sometimes supper.

I wonder who all came to Debra's Christmas thingy.


LOL, all SoCal gets for Christmas is ugly rain.

0:32 oh my fucking damnnn. So okay, let's talk about this sweet potato casserole thing for a minute. So first of all, this is my idea of a good sweet potato bake the sweet potatoes, you cut 'em open and scoop out the inside, you work 'em in a bowl with some melted butter (spiced with some cinnamon) and a spoonful of pure maple syrup until they're fluffy, then you put them in your square pan and dress the flattened top with some nice whole pieces and some chopped pieces of pecan. Then you sprinkle a handful of brown sugar over the pecans so they will get that sweet sticky sorta browned, glistening finish to them after you pop the dish in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes or so.

Now I KNOW... some people like marshmallows topping the casserole. Well, I really don't. I don't think it looks good. I just don't. If I'm going to begrudgingly use marshmallows because people "like it" or "expect it" them, I put a mini-marshmallow between every other whole pecan, and I might omit the chopped pecan pieces entirely, in favor of a uniform pattern of pecan/marshmallow/pecan. But if I had my way, there would never, ever be marshmallows on the sweet potato casserole.

1:14 LOLOL I thought she said "foreign people".

1:49 I looove making green beans with craisins (cranberry "raisins"), I think they're a great addition. Once the green beans are almost boiled to desired tenderness, I like to drop a handful of the craisins in, and they open up and soften. They look great and they taste great, perfect for Thanksgiving/Christmas feasts.

6:44 that bird ain't even cooked yet, WTF!?!?! You gotta have that shit ready when the guests get there, Debra!!!

6:58 OMG, I wanted to click off this video sooner, but somehow I just knew I needed to stick it out til the end... DEBRA JOY HAS FRICKEN SECURITY CAMERAS, INNNN HER HOUUUUUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that PERMANENT!??!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!!?!?!?!!?

You KNOWWWWWW she didn't set those up herself!!!!!!!!!! Are those set up by a legit home security company?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!


I can't.

I Can't
Debra most likely has younger unstable dudes lusting after her. She is wise to have those cameras to prevent gangbangers.
That's so hot...


1:15 LOLOL. But don't they?!

2:20 LMFAOOO oh my, Debra is my fucking everything.

LOL, Oscar be watching her videos like o_0...

4:04 oh Lordy Jesus. ROFLMAO.


Every time I start a Debra video I'm like "Why the fuck am I watching this?"

But I almost always end up patting myself on the back for still being subscribed.
I wanna see her in an airstream trailer in slab city strugglin. She could hold private bible studies with young ghys confused about their sexuality. I bet she gives nice hand jobs and her boyfriends could pay her with canned food.

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