YouTuber Debrajoy is entertaining as fuck...

7:00 poor Debra, I hope she's okay.

9:12 ROFLMFAOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honest to God Debra is my soul sister.

Debra’s trailer has been sitting there for 50 years getting the shit end of the stick with that drainage problem...

I bet it don’t look good under that trailer. This is the shit you never know about until you move in.

4:20 you can't eat two McChicken sammiches?? LMFAO!!! That's gotta be a fucking lie. I could eat 3 of them.

It's hardly worth going to the drive-through for one lousy sammich...

Get at least 2 and some fries, or GTFO.

I'd never want to use a sewing machine, I like doing it all by hand...

But it's interesting to hear Debra talk about it.
9:06 oh hell yeah, I'd TOTALLY live with Debra Joy as her personal assistant!!!

6:28 roflroflrofl.

All these men she's been talking about lately...

I think Debra's getting ready to land husband #7.
Dancing Banana 
Unfortunately it sounds like she's fishing in a pond of Garys and Jerrys and that never ends well!?!


8:16 amen to that!!!
Imagine mo and debra kissing in the car and a late spring / late fall romance forming as that little dog sits in the backseat looking befuddled. This could jappen and we need to be ready

Poor Hazel has doggie dementia.

LOL, Debra is so nosy. I love it!

1:16 her old neighbor dude looks pretty hot!

2:03 roflmfaololol.
@1:06 , that's opiates you bitch so grab an ice pack and get relief

It's soooo weird how Debra went to the store specifically looking for dinosaur toys for her grandson, and there's just randomly a dinosaur pinata there...

I've NEVERRRR seen a dinosaur pinata.
12:08 OMFG...

Big Nanarub


Too long to watch??

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nana Party

3:32 that was a pointless pan down, she just wanted to show us them tiddies!!!!!!!

3:56 that's a bigass can of blueberry filling.

10:00 I like my oatmeal soupy.

17:28 something about this reminds me of Betty's Kitchen, which I haven't thought about in FOREVER... I went and made a thread about it:

22:56 roflmaoooo. Wait for it!

24:50 those drawer freezer refrigerators are stupid. It's okay if it's a refrigerator with a freezer on the side AND the bottom... but never just the bottom.

30:45 yeah I don't like the silicon shit.

36:33 and they call that a problem... *shakes head* I just call it a good idea. Sounds like common sense to me.

LOL @ the way this one ended.

LOL a rabbit was dropping turds all along Debra's yard rocks. LOLOL.

2:20 wow, another major difference between Debra and I.

I ALWAYS have to have water...

I can't relate to people who don't need to have any water around like WTF.
Like what if you randomly start choking or something...

No water, WTF are you gonna do??

It's irresponsible.
I never used to drink str8 water until i got poisoned by a saudi doctor looking to avenge what he perceived as terroristic threats against the kingdom. 3 years later and tummy finally healing thanks to water everyday.

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