YouTuber Debrajoy is entertaining as fuck...
I always wanted to make out with a sexy lady at the cemetery SURROUNDED BY PRETTY FLOWERS and well manicured grass , nice and quiet . Its beautiful and romantic . Debbie knows how to party and she has nice hands and gives great blow jobs surely with that lisp .

Geez, Debra seems a little apprehensive... what's going on?!

Ah the care of the mentally ill in this country is something that I have a lot of concern about too.

I've discussed the matter in the past...

Interesting topic Debra.

7:00 who are these mentally ill people she's talking about who killed a bunch of people?? Seems a lil dramatic, maybe a lil overblown.

Another thing is...

These privatized companies who took in these mentally ill people could have been owned by God knows who, with who knows what kind of intentions.

A lot of people believe that these mentally ill people were used as lab rats for all kinds of heinous means and ends...

Some even say that they were trained to be patsies.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.
@ 2:30 it seems to suck both ways , staff gets complacent and abusive in public facilities . I recall some very large public institutions for the retarded and for the mentally ill that were shut down and they had massive lawsuits filed against them for abusing the people who were committed there . Sadly i think when families give up on caring for their own and hand them over to the state i guess animal instincts kick in and those who are supposed to care for them kind of just think of them as not quite human ...much like the nazis were doing . Its just the pecking order , nature can be ugly and violent and i don't know if we as humans can overcome all of that and claim to be totally 'civilized'
In this video, Debra addresses nagging bitches!!!


1:15 I looooooove men too Debra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:18 LOLOLOLOLOLOL. And I fucking looooooove Debra too.

LOL this video is fucking great, it just is... IT JUST IS. IT IS.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

Dude Hazel's tuned Debra Joy out to the point that she literally can't even hear her anymore...


But in all seriousness...

I don't know that I don't ACTUALLY believe that.

I'm not just being snarky.

I honestly think it's possible.

Hazel has tuned Debra out to the point that she's got her believing she's deaf.

I dunno...

I think it's feasible.

I think it COULD really be true.


Obviously, if it's actually hearing problems then that's really sad.

People in the comments are saying she's probably got something wrong with her ears as evidenced by the way she hated the ear sessions they did on her not too long ago.

Poor lapdogs...

It's not fair for people to run them through the ringer with grooming visits and hassles at the vet.

Just let animals be animals.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.


7:16 LOLOL.

8:40 I can't believe Debra would get on a motorbike.

10:17 wow, she regularly left the kids alone and went to spend the night with husband #6 before they were married!!!

"Bye kids, mommy's gotta go bang!!!"

12:23 LOLOL. That's smart though.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

I'm glad Debra is somewhere she likes to be.

She says her 6th husband was "awesome".

2:51 LOL that really cracked me up.

3:15 then why the fuck did they divorce?!?!?

3:56 what'd they say?!? "BITCH I'M WATCHING YOU."

That would have been hot as fuck.

This husband really does sound amazing though, I'm jelly as fuck of Debra's failed marriage right now.

11:43 - 11:57... oh shit, nobody wants to hear that! ROFLMAOOOOOO.

12:36 dude oh my God LMFAOOOOOO what a fucking NIGHTMARE. Divorce thooouuuggghhh.



Why!? What the fuck was Debra's problem?? Menopause??

Or is she just LIKE THAT?? Maybe that's why she's been married so many times.

16:22 God LMFAOOOOOO that is so fucked up, Jesus Debra, what the fuck?!?!?

I just cannot relate to this kinda shit, I really just cannot.

17:00 I'm sorry, but it's doubtful too many people would have given it that much thought...


Only the closest family would ever think that far into it. If anyone. Just saying.

Reminds me of Randy Stair and how much he was certain that he'd be talked about til the end of time for what he did...

But actually, nah. He was a flash on the news. That's about it.

People are warped, man. Fucked in the head and that's for sure.

19:17 this story just keeps getting worse and worse...



Thank God it's over.
God made me funky...
And I'm glad He blessed me that way.

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