Corey Feldman crowdfunding for a movie to expose pedophilia in Hollywood...
He’s taking donations for a film/documentary instead of just going on InfoWars which is free and immediate. 

He’ll probably just collect a bunch of money and blow it on hookers and more concerts that suck..,

Here are my tweets about it:

Sorry no. A movie? How about just COME ON A FUCKING BROADCAST AND NAME PEOPLE. No one is giving money to Corey for a movie he’ll never make.

He needs to speak NOW. Countless children have been victimized while he’s been silent. He’ll never tell.

If Corey came on an InfoWars guest spot any day of the week, that video would get more views than his movie ever would.

And the abuse would stop THAT DAY. Is Corey too good to come on InfoWars? Does he just want another movie under his belt? Wrong move.

There are children in the industry NOW experiencing trauma he could have prevented by speaking out TODAY. Every day that goes by, wasted.

I wouldn’t even watch his movie. You know what I’d do? I’d wait for InfoWars to report on what’s in it. Cut to the chase, Feldman.

He’s caught up in the old way of doing things. It’s not about movies anymore, Feldman. It’s about reach and viewership. It’s about InfoWars.

He should have gone on InfoWars instead of wasting time and money. It’s free, Feldman.
I just can't stop thinking about bryan singer and all those boys he screwed (5 he made huge cash settlements with in 2014)  , he now has a young child and the media doesn't seem to care about his paedophilia . 

Hmmm, interesting...

Now he needs to go on InfoWars and address the elephant in the room there as well, perhaps talk about some things he couldn’t necessarily mention on the other show.
Good on you, Corey.

Actor John Grissom named as one of Feldman's abusers...

Continue naming, continue speaking Corey... do not stop.

You should go on every show you possibly can.

This is what you should have done, so good work.
LAPD confirms they are investigating Hollywood pedophile ring after Corey Feldman files formal report...

Corey Feldman on Abuse Allegations: “It’s All Connected to a Bigger, Darker Power”...

Powerful article. Wow, the times we're in, you guys.
" He knew he could fondle me in a room with my father "

yikes , how revolting and humiliating

if this is what the elite do to sons of famous actors imagine what they feel can be done to the rest of us !
(11-12-2017, 10:30 AM) Wrote: if this is what the elite do to sons of famous actors imagine what they feel can be done to the rest of us !


So they're getting Corey to bow down and participate in their typical humiliation tactics by having him a play a psycho crossdresser in some new garbage movie.

Some people never learn.
I don't like talking about pedo's, it makes me agro, it may get me in trouble and I don't want to go inside the fence I just built.
Anyway they should be dissolved in Acid. That is all Gentlemen \ Lady's.

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