Freelee is living in a van with her bastard child!
(11-21-2017, 10:08 PM)Russian Bot Wrote: "Our vegan two-year-old."

"Our transgender six-year-old."

What. The. Actual. Fuck. Those kids didn't choose that, ya sick fucks.

Good point, RB.
(11-21-2017, 10:17 PM)Trix Wrote:
(11-21-2017, 10:08 PM)Russian Bot Wrote: "Our vegan two-year-old."

"Our transgender six-year-old."

What. The. Actual. Fuck. Those kids didn't choose that, ya sick fucks.

Good point, RB.

Seriously though. I don't care what adults do to themselves. Live and let die. But there's got to be something wrong with people who ascribe their beliefs to small children who don't even understand what it's about.
That kid is going to be pissed off once she eats her first hamburger.
Dude just THINKING about some delicious meat makes me all excited.

It’s weird because I totally understand where vegans are coming from... how they feel about the animals, how they feel about dairy, etc. I get it. I’ve been there.

Then I came out the other side because like everything else in existence, there IS another side.

It’s perhaps a bit sad and macabre but it’s true...
At least eat the animals that will eat you, there are so many animals in nature that would love to eat people, even wolfs so I think it's ok for Korean's to eat dog. Cats are from the lion family so same concept, it's totally unnatural to not eat meat. 100 years ago they had no supplements so they had no choice but to eat meat.
This poor baby is still bald af, can't even walk straight after waking up, that's not a normal healthy child.

Then they smeared that green shit around her upper lip to make it look like she drank a lot of that green shit they give her every morning. 

@9:13 this fake ass concerned about life vegan plays with a drone that is probably responsible for the killing of at least 1 Pygmy in Africa, her computer too killed another too. She is so clueless and a hypocrite. If you want to act like you care, better not do it just partially cause that's just wrong.

If it was merely phony ass virtue signaling, it wouldn't bother me much. But endangering a child's health in order to avoid looking like a hypocrite while virtue signaling is another matter.
Huh, when did you learn the words virtue signaling?
I don't know. Somewhere on teh interwebz. Why?

"LARPing" is another good one.
(12-08-2017, 02:51 PM)Russian Bot Wrote: I don't know. Somewhere on teh interwebz. Why?

"LARPing" is another good one.

I was curious, I've never heard it before. I've learned a lot of words on the internet too but I don't use them unless I'm larping, then I use a thesaurus so I can sound like I've been to college and make people feel stupid.
Well, it perfectly describes what a lot of sanctimonious PC types do to let everybody know they're on board with the whole cultural Marxism thing.
A lot of others use it to let the virtue signalers know that we know they're full of horse hockey.

What he's saying is so true.

4:00 look at those tiny little breakfast bowls.

She even said she's been sick and they had to stop traveling.

I don't get how people don't tie together these links between BEING SICK and BEING VEGAN.

It's so unbelievably stupid.

6:40 he calls the breakfast bowls "big" and I mean LOL, I get he's trying to stress a point, but those fucking bowls are not adult sized. For kids, those are "big" bowls, for adults, they're not. I'm sorry but they just aren't.

8:03 he's so right, those animal parts are THE BEST FOODS for pregnant women. Why are modern day humans trying to reinvent the wheel?? Is it all because of a TREND?? I get that these vegans love animals and don't want to hurt animals by eating them but... is that NATURAL?? I don't feel like it is. I think it's denial of our true nature.

8:57 check out how the little girl is hiding her face. She fucking HATESSS being on camera. And the parents are sweet, I really think they mean well. And the kid does too, that's the only reason she uncovers her face at all, for her MOM... not for the fucking camera. She loves her MOM, not the fucking camera. That little kid has always been so easy to read.

13:21 it's brilliant common sense right there, this guy is very intelligent and well informed.

And I mean... I'm sorry but so many of these vegans don't LOOK healthy. Like I always thought Freelee looked pretty healthy because she had a glow, and she was super fit. But Freelee was EXTREEEEME in her diet, EXTREME with the sheer volume of food she'd eat.

The majority of these vegan people are just... stick thin, dark circles, gaunt looking. It's just not good. Some of them also have weight problems in the other direction too, they look sort of puffy and bloaty. Man, I think this whole vegan thing is bad shit. Furthermore, I KNOW it's bad from EXPERIENCE.

18:15 I find it really interesting when people talk about knowing their child is coming to them before they even conceive. I've discussed this in other threads... but it's really fascinating to me the "pre-knowledge" some people have about who their child is going to be.

18:27 LOL shut up, you wouldn't understand.

27:45 that's a nice damn bus.
Those two retards should be sterilized. Period!

If you're 18 or over, fine, do whatever the fuck you like as long as you're not hurting anyone else.
BUT fuck off trying to carry out social experiments on innocent, not-able-to-consent children!!

Duuuuude, do not get me started on how sooo very much I hate willful-retardedness. FUCK!!

And she's 28?? Hand-to-God, I'd say 48, in a heartbeat. She looks worn the fuck out.
Maybe take a bite of chicken, get some actual aminos in ya, sad silly dumb bitch. Fuck...

Veganism really is a form of mental illness. Kinda like body dysphoria or anorexia.
But mostly like candida. That shit is wicked evil !! See, it's a fungal infection that needs sugar
to thrive, SO it makes the host CRAVE SUGAR, so as to keep a steady flow of its building blocks
coming in keeping the mind/body of the host crippled.

It attacks your body and then takes hold of your mind. [Brain fog, memory loss, depression, irritability, etc.] A repetitive cycle of self-fueling destruction.

Vegans are mind-fucked into believing the bullshit that they do and then once they establish
themselves on this "diet" their brains cannot function properly and alert them as to the deficiencies
going on, all the red flags of illness are read as something else, NEVER the vegan diet itself.
Men seem to be so much more naturally intelligent about this whole meat vs. no meat diet issue than women are. It's sad. It's because this whole vegan thing is a ploy on emotions. Women are more emotional than men. And I'm sure it's mostly the emotional men who fall for the vegan crap.

And I would have placed that woman at about 35... that's what I was thinking when I was hearing her talk about loving to be pregnant. I assumed she was at least into her 30s because I figured it's a "now or never" kinda thing, with her approaching 40.

Then I read the comments and people were saying the same thing as you did... that she looks a lot older than 28.

These vegan diets are horrible.

We NEED meat. And I'd say the more raw the meat, the better.

After I gave up on the vegan bullshit, I have craved meat ever since... and in my fantasies of eating meat (something normal people who have never starved their bodies on a vegan diet probably don't have), a lot of that meat is raw.
As a side-thought kind of thing, I wonder how much evil-Disney has played into this whole thing.

"I don't want to eat animals cuz Bambi is soooo cute!"

All the hundreds of movies and cartoons making animals into more human-like characters, with thoughts and feelings of their very own.
And not just Disney, but they're a leader in this game. The 70's & 80's, when all the vegetarian shit started becoming more of a movement.
Giving birth to the first generation of SJW and future PETA-terrorists.

I know they're playing both sides of the fence here. The factory farming/meat industry is BIG business. But so is the money-raping
veggie/vegan/all organic industry. Now more than ever. I know there's got to be a connection. Sure, the majority will NEVER give up
eating meat, but they don't need them to. Just enough to prop up these bullshit movements so that SJW mentality can get it's foot
in the door. Well, we're there now.

Start getting people to drastically change what they put into their bodies and they'll also be changing what they put into their minds.
And it's not always for the better. Weaken them, with health-destroying diets, chemical poisons in all the foods and public water
supplies, an overflow of estrogen-laden pharma-sludge and mind-numbing PC-think and boy, you've got one fucked UP society!

It all plays off each other.
Sometimes, I think too much. Hahaha.
Not only that, but the vegan diet negatively impacts fertility...

It's all about population control.

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