Freelee is living in a van with her bastard child!
Whoa that’s so weird because I came across this video the other day...

I clicked on it and the lady reminded me of this chick I know and I was like meh, this is too weird.

But damn, living in a van with a baby? I meeean. I guess if there’s good airflow and a well defined bed it could be okay.

The whole vegan thing is... not relatable to me now. All the best to the people who are doing it but... I think it can really fuck you up.
These vegan chicks typically look all anorexic and shit. I’m not saying people should be fat...

I’m just saying, it’s a bit of an eating disorder in and of itself.
Many come to veganism from anorexia.

It’s good they’re eating again, but the diet does seem to play on their psychological need for restriction.
Did she remind you of freelee? She has her voice and IDK I thought it was her at first. That baby just looks strange too, I've never seen one that creepy looking and wanting to eat like that.
Nah she never reminded me of Freelee...

But I guess this chick is an Aussie too.

As for the kid...

It's probably malnourished.

And this is not an insult to that lady...

If you're gonna be putting a kid on a vegan diet, then you had better be damn sure you're doing it right.
And truth be told, I don't know that there actually is any doing it "right".
These vegans are total shitheads, this baby is malnourished. She's 17 months old (she said so in this video), almost 2 years old and is bald like a newborn baby. She's tiny, I thought she wasn't a year old yet so I was going to give them the benefit of the doubt but then I heard 17 months. She takes a bite of something and doesn't want anymore. All they are feeding her is sugar, straight glucose. No healthy brain development without fats from fish. No wonder vegan's are so stupid. She likes the potato at the end because it's not loaded with sugar like all the fruit the shove into her bald head.

OMG, this is so sad, the baby clearly wants to eat but they are trying to get her to drink the coconut water. The dad is digging the meat out, the girl opens her mouth and hand out and the dad shoves it into his own mouth! Then she starts digging in and trying to get some for herself but the dad is so unaware of his child's needs he does it again and shoves it in his own mouth! Then he forces her to drink the water. She eventually gives up on trying to actually chew some coconut meat since her dad ate it all.

Just mute the video because nobody gives a fuck, watch that poor little child.

It’s disturbing, Creamy.


Not only are they total fucking idiots, but they’re broadcasting it on YouTube for the entire world to see.

I’ve heard vegan people rail against being raised on dairy as kids, but I got one thing to say to them...

You turned out fine, didn’t you??

Unfortunately, common sense falls off a cliff when you’re years into the barrage of deficiencies and loss of brain fat that comes with being vegan.

They can’t even think about feeding the kid properly because they’re so deficient and hungry, losing IQ every day.
I mean my first impression when I look at the thumbnail in the OP is that she looks like an anorexic person with a good tan.

And the baby?? Way too thin, on top of the obvious things like no hair. They’re supposed to go through a chubby phase around her age aren’t they??
The baby isn't getting enough food. In that video where she is going after the coconut meat but doesn't get any, she got the grossed out shivers when the dad first tried to give her the straw to drink. She thinks that shit is disgusting. Babies usually cry when they are hungry but this one barely has any strength, she just gives up and has accepted the hunger feeling as normal. It's no wonder they are going around in other countries, the child will be taken away from them probably in Australia or USA. Living in a van kinda keeps them off the grid too. To be so unaware of how the child is reacting and not seeing that she wants to chew and actually eat some food is totally disturbing. I doubt those hippies work, they seem more obsessed with their vlogs, how can they not see this? What has them so preoccupied? Why do they always have to have that coconut with a straw in it? That is full of sugar. They don't look healthy, they all look malnourished. 

The op video they look like something is wrong with both of them, they look too frail.
(11-19-2017, 05:00 PM)Cream of Caulk Wrote:  They don't look healthy, they all look malnourished. 

The op video they look like something is wrong with both of them, they look too frail.

Lack of protein. The kid is (most likely) fine but adults need a lot more.
People are noting in the comments of basically all their videos that the baby seems hungry all the time...

You can also tell a lot of the people think the baby is way younger than it actually is.

This is the same as morbidly obese YouTubers making "eating show" videos, only it's exactly the opposite.

Both are broadcast to a global audience and both are completely and totally unconscious regarding the consequences of their actions.

This video is specifically about showing what the kid eats in a day...

Am I really gonna suffer through this crap to see?

The video's well edited, nice music, whatever. I would typically never watch this kinda crap but I am curious.

So the first thing they show the kid consuming is some nasty looking green liquid in a mug. That's okay to start off I guess.

When she asks the kid at 1:08 "Do you like it?" at first the kid responds to the question addressing the part about watching the color and the motion of the spoon in the mug. Then she realizes the mom meant "Do you like how it tastes? Do you like eating it?" and then the kid realized she just reinforced the idea that she likes the food (drink?) and you can tell she thinks, "Ah, fuck." All of this takes place in like one second.

1:25 you can tell the kid thinks it sucks, but she's trying to be NICE. Because she's dealing with her MOM. The kid is good natured and even at this incredibly early stage is trying not to offend.

She's also very conscious of the camera being in her face all the time, which has conditioned her to act cute and whatever because it incites a positive response out of her parents when she does well.

At 1:45 the mom says the kid "doesn't really like oats"... I'd like to see proof of that. So they're giving her oranges instead. Fine, it's still breakfast, it's early on.

So the green shit in the mug was "barley grass juice powder". So it was powder, not even some fresh shit.

1:55, this kid is VERY smart. She eating a date, he asks her what she's eating and she tries to think of the name and then just goes fuck it.

So then the mom feeds the kid off the tit, the only slightly promising thing I've seen so far. Followed by and I quote, "one bite of pear".

The important thing to remember about fruit and actually all sugar is that it's totally spent and burnt up in the space of like 15 minutes.

2:12 again the mom asks, "Is it good?" and the kid just laughs. She's like, "hahaha, fucking no" and sets the bowl aside. No mom, she doesn't like it.

2:15 so the kid got desperate for something that actually has weight and mass, and the parents are forced to admit that "today she likes oats". Yeah. No shit.

When she gets off the breastmilk is when push is gonna come to shove. Hopefully she'll be old enough and strong enough by then to just TAKE whatever at least semi solid shit her parents are eating.

2:45 "We just let her decide" what she wants to eat... okay, that's great folks. You "let her decide" from a selection of various fruits and... mugs full of green liquid what she "wants" to eat.

I suggest you take her and sit her down in front of a cheese platter, a few sippy cups full of dairy and some little dishes of yogurt, maybe a little plate of some minced meat... then put the usual fruit or whatever on the table. Then see what she fucking goes for.

"We just trust that she knows" what to eat, among the scant vegan selection. LMAO, okay first of all... YOU'RE THE FUCKING PARENT, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT SHE SHOULD BE EATING AND THEN PROVIDE THAT TO HER. I mean holy fuck don't get me started because I just want to get through this damn video.

7:35 they're eating oranges.

Facepalm. Okay where is the real food??

8:52, okay it's lunch time and the parents are eating a delicious looking sammich which is inedible by a 2 year old. So what is the kid having? Don't fucking disappoint me...

What the fuck?? I can hardly chew through that hardcore bread, let alone a damn 2 year old. Are they really trying to feed that kid a toughass sammich?? Let me guess how this turns out...

She doesn't eat much of it. Because SHE CAN'T FUCKING CHEW IT.

Okay, my verdict is in... these people are fucking stupid. The kid is leagues smarter than they are.

So they don't show any more of the lunch eating scene. If she had eaten a bunch of that sammich they would have shown it.

So they're having curry for dinner... mom asks the kid if she likes curry and she says she does. You can tell the kid is basically thinking, "Yeah it's kinda solid so I'll take it because I'm fucking desperate."

Okay so now OMG...




That shit is SO HARD TO CHEW. I have a hard time chewing and not choking to death on the shit. What the FUCK is wrong with these people?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

11:50 so they're feeding the kid a little bit of rice and spinach. Dude.

This video is making me fucking STARVE.

So 12:20... I don't even know WHAT THE FUCK is in the bowl now. Looks like a few minuscule chunks of some yellow crap?? WTF is that even??




Well, good luck kid.

I hope they at least feed you some fish within the next few years.
OMG, you nailed it Trix.

The beginning where the little girl is just waking up is so telling in itself. She looks like she just woke up from one of the best dreams realize fuck, I live in nightmare. She is so sluggish first thing in the morning, not typical for a happy child. The child is pretty much emotionless for the most part because like you said, she is a class act not trying to offend. I just want to smack that big toothy grin off her mom's face. The mom looks like an invalid with no muscle, I'm surprised she's not in a wheelchair. Oranges are so bad for stomach acid and digestion. The mom doesn't know what's healthy. She even say's she needs a special tea for digestion, really? Don't fucking eat shit that's not going to digest properly. The mom tried to suggest she likes cauliflower and the baby jumped out of the camera view probably because she shivered so hard from being grossed out.
I just saw how aged the mother looks. She can't be that old, maybe in her mid 30's but she looks aged and haggard in a way, maybe it's the lack of fat on her face but she easily looks closer to her 50's with those wrinkles. Something with her skin doesn't look healthy, maybe she is dehydrated IDK, she doesn't look young and vibrant.
Someone give that kid a steak and potatoes or a fuckin happy meal. Those retarded parents need a good beating. lol
That’s what I was thinking too, Crille, verbatim...

Kid needs a nice tender steak cut up into super edible pieces.

With some A1 steak sauce on the side.
(11-16-2017, 01:55 PM)Trix Wrote: These vegan chicks typically look all anorexic and shit. I’m not saying people should be fat...

I’m just saying, it’s a bit of an eating disorder in and of itself.

Some vegans I knew had this worn look on their faces like they were under a lot of stress. I bet being deprived of essential amino acids takes a heavy toll on one's body. Not me, sister. I'll be standing in that long ass meat 'n' potatoes line at the chow hall.
"Our vegan two-year-old."

"Our transgender six-year-old."

What. The. Actual. Fuck. Those kids didn't choose that, ya sick fucks.

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