Retrowave makin' me wanna FUCK!!!!!

Wolfclub is the most fucking God awful retowave that exists and words could never express how much I fucking despise the vocals.

They are absolutely horrible, pure fucking trash...

Fucking disgusting and the NewRetrowave channel would do well never to promote this heinous atrocity again.
The music is pure shit too.

Totally uninspired loops of wannabe retro...

There is absolutely nothing good or retro about their music.
This is Wolfclub...


Why doesn’t this article mention the FUCKING HORRIBLE singer?? Is it even talking about the same band??

Because SOMEONE is responsible for this.

SOMEONE is letting this chick sing on these tracks as if it’s a good idea or something...

I can only assume she must be sucking cock or just bending over on demand in order to get her shite vocal style smeared all over these dull, sterile tracks.

SOMEONE needs to stop letting her sing on their music...

Do the right thing.
There are two entities responsible for this blunder...

Whichever moron in Wolfclub who thinks this chick somehow belongs on their tracks...

And whichever tard at NewRetrowave that allows this scourge to be uploaded to the channel as if it’s legitimately retro on ANY level.
Dimi Kaye - Only The Strong

Sheer excellence, absolutely no fail whatsoever.
Neuroc - Fatal Conflict

This is a good one, classic retrowave sound.
Korine - Uncrossed

Excellent male retrowave vocalist.
"Siamese Youth - Yesterday"

Fucking God awful heinous atrocity, disgusting beyond measure.

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